From taking up arms to providing sexual jihad

QUICK TAKE: It goes without saying that many Malaysians still have a “soft spot” for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or IS as it is now widely referred to, despite recent revelations of its brutal conduct splashed all over cyberspace.

Apart from Malaysians joining the terror group to fight for the cause to establish an Islamic caliphate, it seems that our women had also joined the group to provide sexual jihad.

News portal the Malaysian Insider reported that three Malaysian women had travelled to the Middle East to join up with IS forces.

Quoting sources, the report said one of the women had gone there last December, and another had travelled in April.

Malaysian women are not the only ones brainwashed to become comfort women to these brutal fighters.

Reports abound about British, Australian, European and American women travelling to link up with these fighters, to provide sexual favours for them to boost their morale in the battlefield.

The concept arose last year when a Saudi Wahhabi cleric called Sheik Mohamed al-Arefe issued a fatwa — Jihad ul Nikaah, calling for Sunni women to come forward to boost the Mujaheddin fighting the Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Last September, Tunisia’s Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou was reported as saying Tunisian women had travelled to Syria for the purpose and returned home pregnant, after contact with dozens of fighters.

In June, IS fighters reportedly told Iraqi families to hand over their daughters for sex, and “cleanse” themselves by doing so.

Those who refused to comply were threatened with beating and even murder.

Last month, US authorities charged 19-year-old nurse Shannon Maureen Conley with providing material support and resources to IS. She was arrested as she was about to leave for Syria.

Reports state that she was convinced to join the cause after befriending an IS fighter on social media.

She is just one of the many Western women who had fallen for IS. Many of them who had crossed over proudly recruit “sisters” over social media.

An intelligence official told the Malaysian Insider that British counterparts had revealed that more than 600 British Muslims, as well as more than 100 Australians, are believed to be fighting alongside IS.

“This figure also includes women who are not fighting on the frontline, but are involved in performing sexual jihad,” the report said.

Up to 50 Malaysians are believed to be involved in fighting with IS, although official figures released by the authorities carry a “rosier” picture.

The latest revelation of women’s involvement in IS is really a cause for worry.

This means that the terror group had sprouted its tentacles deeper on our shores, in its ultimate goal to establish an Islamic caliphate.

It has already been reported that IS had set its crosshairs on Malaysia and Indonesia, which it sees as Muslim nations sympathetic to and supportive of its cause.

Indonesia has, however, declared IS as a banned terrorist group.

Now that the authorities are aware that Malaysian participation in the IS cause is on the rise, would they take any concrete steps to stem it, like barring people from travelling to the “hotspots” without valid reasons?

What happens when these women return to the country with children of these fighters, as in the Tunisian case?

Will they be charged with aiding terrorists or left free out of sympathy? – The Ant Daily

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