Masterchef winner slams media over MAS photo

A Malaysia Airlines (MAS) passenger has slammed news organisations for using a photograph she uploaded of herself on board an empty MAS cabin to allegedly show a slump in ticket sales.

In fact, Catherine Chin Wan Ping Coombes said the picture showing her family of three with glasses of champagne on board was taken before passengers boarded.

“Woke up to this picture in the media! Anyone who has been on a plane knows, family with children get boarded first. The flight was not empty, it was in fact full.

“It’s really sad that a thank you on a kind upgrade that I was offered is being used to attack an airline which has had such a difficult time.

“We should be offering support and compassion,” Coombes said on Instagram yesterday.

The picture by Ipoh-born Coombes, who is Masterchef UK 2014 winner, shows her in business class.

It was used by several news portals including, Mashable and several UK news website.

Upside to downturn?

Multiple news websites have used photographs posted on social media to illustrate articles on the national carrier’s alleged business downturn following the Flight MH370 and Flight MH17 tragedies.

The pictures show empty seats on board flights and in departure lounges.

One social media user commented that his flight to Kuala Lumpur from Penang was emptier than a “Richard Marx concert”, in reference to the 1980’s pop star. earlier reported that Australian travel agents are offered double the commissions by the ailing airline in a bid to boost sales.

Pop culture website Boing Boing meanwhile took a positive spin on the situation by telling its readers that it is now the best time to fly MH – MAS’ code sign generally accepted to stand for ‘Malaysian hospitality’.

“It’s a very good time to fly Air Malaysia (sic), assuming you don’t suffer from superstitious dread, as the fares are dirt cheap and your travel agent friends are getting double commission on tickets.

“And you’re likely to get a whole row to yourself and some very attentive (if somewhat anxious) in-flight service,” it wrote in an article yesterday. – Malaysiakini

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