Doc: Each grain of rice you eat is due to Umno

UMNO AGM Kedah Umno delegate Dr Mohamad Nawar Ariffin said he is a medical specialist now because of Umno.

Therefore, he expressed gratitude to the party, which has “contributed immensely to the Malay community.”

“I told my 12-year-old child that every grain of rice you eat is because of Umno,” he said during the Umno general assembly in Kuala Lumpur today.

However, Nawar (left)  lamented that most of his friends, who now have “a lot of money and high positions”, like to accuse Umno of corruption.

“Don’t be like my friends who have become rich but like to accuse Umno of corruption.

“What is most important is our contribution to society,” he said, when debating Umno president Najib Abdul Razak’s policy speech.

Umno is ‘sick’ and needs treatment

Earlier, Nawar had admitted that support for Umno had decreased as the party is “sick”, therefore requiring “medicine”.

He then pointed out that people prefer to go to private hospitals and clinics due to the “quality and security”.

“Reflecting on this, I am sure that if our quality is high, we will be accepted by all.

“If our leaders have no quality, minta maaflah… (sorry to say). Do we want to go to clinics for low quality medicine?” he queried.

In order for more quality leaders to be created, he said they must possess integrity and pay attention to detail.

“Also, the approach must be based on performance. For example, if you give the same medicine but the person is still sick, that means the medicine is not working.

“And all these (becoming high quality leaders), must come from the heart,” he added. – Malaysiakini

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