‘Burmese serial killer looks like Tamil superstar’

The Burmese serial killer said to have murdered several of his own countrymen in Penang, has been described as having the appearance of a famous Tamil superstar.

His neighbours described the man as having similar looks to the main character in Tamil blockbuster ‘Sivaji The Boss’ and often sported sunglasses, according to a report by The Star.

“He has long hair and would sometimes dress up like Indian actor Rajinikanth who plays the main character in the movie,” Anwar, an Indonesian who lived nearby the suspected killer’s slaughterhouse, was quoted as saying.

On Friday, Penang police revealed they had found the “slaughterhouse” in Bukit Mertajam where some several Burmese national were brought to be butchered before their body parts were discarded at various locations in Penang.

41-year-old Anwar who has been living in the area for eight years, said he did not know the suspected killer or what he did for a living as he mostly kept to himself.

“He’s always dressed neatly and is also quite courteous. He would smile at me and my friends whenever he walks by but never speaks to us.

“He doesn’t look menacing. We’re really surprised to find out that his home was used as a place to chop up people,” ” Anwar was quoted as saying in the report.

Another neighbhout, Noorshah Siti Hazariah Awang, 37, said there were usually more than four people living in the so-called slaughterhouse, two of whom were women.

Penang police have arrested a total of 17 Burmese nationals in connection with the murders and believe they have solved eight of 18 murders involving foreigners in the state.

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