Najib, Zahid gone MIA as Perkasa hurls vitriol

YOURSAY ‘Why are they not reprimanded by anyone ‘in power’? Where is the home minister or prime minister when they are needed?’

Perkasa: CM not ‘holy pig’, arrest him

Sirach: These Perkasa ‘samseng’ (gangsters) should be put behind bars, preferably in a zoo where they will feel right at home. They act like thugs and for the police to stand by and allow this sort of abuse and provocation to take place is unconscionable.

And didn’t leader Ibrahim Ali recently say he is a moderate? Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad should do the right thing and condemn such behaviour and disassociate himself from this bunch of hooligans.

They just cannot stand the fact that Lim Guan Eng is the Penang CM. Democracy means nothing to this lot. They are racist, and not afraid to show it. Religion is used as a smokescreen to camouflage their bigotry.

It’s not surprising that the Indian Muslims seem to be among the ringleaders. They take every opportunity to outdo the bona-fide Malay to burnish their “Malayness”.

Ferdtan: Perkasa, keep on shouting crude obscenities. The more unruly protests you have, the more people will come out to reject you and your type of disruptive politics.

This no longer has the same effect unlike many years ago. Surely due to the increasing frequency of such destructive silly protests, they have certainly backfired.

It must have reached a tipping point that not only the non-Malays and the non-Muslims are troubled, but also the moderate Malays themselves.

Thus a group of former top civil servants, judges, ambassadors and scholars calling themselves 25 ‘Eminent Malays’ wrote an open letter to the PM to stop religious extremism through open discussions, etc.

They certainly will not agree with the way of Perkasa members kick down doors and break flower pots.

Anonymous #20513663: It’s very clear who the aggressors are here. It’s also very clear that this is not really about ‘race’ or ‘religion’ but about Umno retaining power and using ‘NGOs’ as thugs.

Now that there is the Internet and some alternative media, nothing can be hidden any more. May the truth (continue to) be revealed.

Old Timer: They have no logical arguments except to demand using high emotion, resorting to name calling and manhandling of others, and tearing down banners of another religion.

They behave as though there is no law in the country by which they can channel their disagreement. These are the lawless people who are prone to disrupt harmony.

Why are they not reprimanded by anyone ‘in power’? Where is the home minister or prime minister when they are needed?

Equatorial Man: Since the release of the statement of the Eminent 25, the extremist elements have been looking for opportunities to hit back and they have found one.

No doubt, they have the freedom to protest and disagree with the position of the Penang CM, but the protest should be carried out in a peaceful and respectful manner. Their action shows their lack of character more than anything else.

The law enforcement authority of the country should act against such an unruly behaviour, but recent experiences tell us that this is unlikely to happen.

Coffeesturn: So finally Perkasa has admitted that they are “holy pigs,” and that probably is why they are not arrested for sedition following this entire hate ruckus. I’d like to call on the police to arrest these “babi suci” from Perkasa.

Jehangir: I am truly flabbergasted, inflamed, insulted and dumbfounded that such so-called “Muslims” are acting in our name.

Speak up my dear enlightened Muslim brothers and sisters and don’t let this bunch of intellectually challenged clowns call the shots!

KnockKnock: You do not have to wear headbands to frighten people. Your action smears the good name of Islam.

If Guan Eng has broken a law, go and make a police report. That is what Islam teaches us, being civilised in our actions.

As for me, I do not know who is in the wrong. As much as I could interpret by looking at the picture above, the group is uncivilised and un-Islamic.

Anonymous: Ya Allah, what have become some of the Muslims? Why make Islam look so ugly?

When I was a young lady wanting to embrace Islam, my dad told me go ahead, there are after all millions of them in China. With the happenings in recent months, many will tell potential converts to Islam to think twice.

By our good deeds and humble behaviour, we not only protect Islam, we spread Islam. These protestors ought to be ashamed of themselves. I am sad and cry for Malaysia…

Proarte: Perkasa, Umno and PAS ulama contradict the Quran, so one wonders on what authority do they base their notion of Allah from? ‘Allah’, ‘God’ or ‘Tuhan’ are synonymous words for the Creator.

Are these Malay Muslims saying that when they recite or sing Negaraku, ‘Tuhan’ in the national anthem is different to Allah whom they worship?

These donkeys seem not to know that ‘Allah’ is a generic term for God in Arabic. Allah is not God’s name. Allah is the Supreme Being, not a name. That is on a linguistic point.

On theological grounds, these Malays must be taught that the Quran exhorts Muslims not to argue with Jews and Christians except in the most civilised way possible.

The Quran explicitly states that the Allah of Muslims and the Allah of Christians and Jews are the same. It is about time Perkasa, Umno and PAS ulama get educated on basic Islamic theology.

If Malay religious leaders are ignorant or intentionally perverting the Quran, is it any wonder Malays are easily confused?

See Perkasa’s 100 ‘Eminent Malays’ in action

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