Theantdaily’s ‘Story of the Month’ in 2014

2014 ROUNDUP: Since January this year, Theantdaily has selected our ‘Story of the Month’ that represents the most read story of that month.

Here, we share with you our readers the complete list of stories that have grabbed your attention in 2014, with a short update on developments since it was first published.

(By Shuman Vasu)
Alvin Tan now sits half a world away, occasionally mocking Malaysian authorities as he waits to see if he is granted political asylum by the United States. His attention has returned to porn and sex once again after a recent spat with Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that resulted in the cancellation of his passport.
Is this the last we will hear of Alvin Tan?

Early in the year, Theantdaily shared the experiences of three Malaysians who lived abroad and how it shaped their faith in Islam, in response to a maddening “siege mentality” propagated by right-wing Malay-Muslim groups. The subsequent rise of these groups and their influence has led 25 prominent moderate Malays to speak out against them.
Are the 25 and others inspired by them enough to turn the tide against religious and racial extremism?

Theantdaily’s former Malay section editor and contributor Lokman Mustaffa recounted his last meeting with his youngest sister before she boarded the fateful Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. As the year comes to an end, her fate, along with the other 238 people onboard, remains unknown.
Will the mystery of MH370 ever be solved?

April: Papagomo tweets he wants to step on Karpal’s body (By Cecilia Victor Jeyanthi)
While many were shocked by Karpal Singh’s untimely demise this year, local blogger Papagomo or Wan Muhammad Azeri Wan Deris decided to use it to taunt PAS. He received his comeuppance when he failed to obtain a stay order against a High Court ruling ordering him to pay RM800,000 in damages to Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over alleged defamatory postings implying the latter had engaged in indecent acts with a man.
Has Papagomo retired to become a fisherman?

Like every other year, there have been numerous leaks of alleged nude shots or sex videos involving high-profile individuals, in Malaysia or abroad. Until a time when people can respect that a person’s private affairs should remain private, such cases will continue to be used as fodder to tarnish their image.
Who are we kidding, sex sells. Always did, always will.

In July, and bit off more than they could chew when they put Kiki Kamaruddin on the air, days after her road-bullying video went viral. The public outcry against her actions was unprecedented, and perhaps sparked a social media movement that led to the public shaming and quick arrest of two other Malaysian road bullies later in the year.
Have you seen Kiki driving CDM25 recently?


(By Ace Emerson)
Things have certainly changed since Theantdaily ran a story about 33-year-old Muhamad Razeef Che Shamah who rescues stray dogs and other animals. The discussion about Muslims and dogs reached a climax with the “I Want to Touch a Dog” event, which sparked a furore among Malaysian Muslims about their perception of man’s best friend.
Doggone it! It’s just an animal. What’s the fuss about really?


Doctors and patients alike aired their differing views about a very sensitive subject – misdiagnosis – when we highlighted the tragic case of the late Johanna Pang in September. Many shared personal stories of loss and grief, while others spoke in defence of medical practitioners. What’s certain is that more is needed to ensure that the quality of health practitioners in Malaysia is not compromised.
What can be done to improve our medical standards?


October: That downright stupid Act (By Jimmy Adit)
Sarawak chief minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem was unafraid to speak his mind when he declared a federal act downright stupid. A politician who walks the talk, Adenan continued his straight-talking act when he took timber magnates to task over illegal logging, which led to the signing of an integrity pledge.
Who will Adenan take on next?


The nightmare for the 425 medical students who were left in limbo after their college closed down is finally over. Theantdaily highlighted their long struggle for the right to continue their studies in November and in a month’s time, we were happy to report that all the students had finally gotten a place in other learning institutions.
We wish all the best to you students!


December: Ridhuan has put his foot in his mouth-again (By Cecilia Victor Jeyanthi)
Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is no stranger to controversy, and as the year ends, he did his best to hog the limelight with yet another outrageous remark, claiming that Islam is fundamental by nature, and that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.
As usual, he was greeted with outrage and derision by the majority of the Malaysian public.
Will Ridhuan Tee ever shut up?
Just two days shy of the new year, we join the world in praying for the crew and passengers of Air Asia Indonesia Flight ZQ8501, which went missing during its journey from Surabaya to Singapore on Sunday.
Finally, New Year celebrations have been cancelled as most of the east coast of the peninsula remains flooded, with over 250,000 Malaysians evacuated. After initial criticism, the government has sprung into action while volunteers of all races and religions have come together to help those affected by the floods.
The year 2014 has been really challenging, testing our country and the rakyat in so many ways that it is seems unimaginable.
Will Malaysians be able to put all this behind them and greet 2015 with hope and optimism?
We’re about to find out. Happy New Year 2015!

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