Jokowi orders AirAsia to pay up

Also ready to sue AirAsia is Surabaya Mayor who says her administration is looking out for the victim’s families whose rights have been ignored.

 By FMT Reporters

jokowi2KUALA LUMPUR: Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has stated his concern that AirAsia has delayed payments to the passengers’ next of kin on board AirAsia flight QZ8501 that crashed, said Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan.

According to the Jakarta Post, Jonan issued the statement after a closed-door meeting with Jokowi at the Presidential Office yesterday.

He explained, “The President said that insurance should be paid. I told (him) that there is indeed a regulation covering the issue.

“Transportation Ministry Regulation No. 77/2011 stipulates that the amount is Rp1.25 billion (RM351,113) per passenger,” added Jonan.

Meanwhile Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini said her administration was ready to sue AirAsia if the rights of the victim’s families were ignored.

“If the insurance claims fail to be honoured, then as the flight was regarded illegal, we will fight and sue AirAsia because life insurance is part of the passengers’ families’ rights and must be upheld by the company,” said the mayor in Surabaya on Wednesday.

The Mayor however was elusive over whether she had locus standi to sue, only to say she had consulted with legal experts from Airlangga University regarding the possible suit.

“Although the flight was stated as illegal, passengers bought the tickets legally. They didn’t buy the tickets through scalpers, or illicitly, so they have rights regarding insurance,” the mayor explained.

AirAsia Indonesia president director Sunu Widiyatmoko said each victim would receive Rp1.25 billion in compensation, which would be disbursed when the process of recovery and identification was complete.

“We will never shun our responsibility. From the start, we have promised to provide compensation.

“However, for the sake of the relatives’ feelings, we never disclose the amount of compensation to the public,” said Sunu.

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