Ahmad Maslan snipped over Rosmah’s hairdo

A PKR lawmaker has taken Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan to task for being more interested in Rosmah Mansor’s hairdo as opposed to more pressing concerns of the people.

This is after Ahmad Maslan vowed to look into the prime minister’s wife’s complaint that dyeing her hair through home service cost a whopping RM1,200.

“Why is Ahmad Maslan prioritising the prime minister’s wife hairdo instead of knowledge and health care for the rakyat?” asked Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

She pointed out that pharmaceutical groups have for several months aired concern that the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) will cause the price of medicines to increase.

Not all books GST-free

Publishers have also expressed their concern over the price of books.

Only textbooks, exercise books, children’s colouring books, dictionaries and religious books would be GST-free.

“Forty-seven out of 51 countries have listed all books as zero-rated items, or at least given them special rates, so why can’t Malaysia do the same?” Nurul Izzah asked.

The PKR vice-president added that Ahmad’s attitude who had prioritised complaints by the wives of ministers only showed that the BN government did not place the rakyat’s interests first.

“Is action going to be taken only when the price of hairdos for the ministers’ wives increases?

“What about the plight of the lower and middle class who continue to face the rising cost of living? Where’s the ‘people first’ slogan?” Nurul Izzah (right) queried.

Rosmah – in a briefing on GST with the Welfare Association of the Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) – had complained that hairdressers were overcharging because they provided services in the comfort of their clients’ homes.

She lamented that her hairdresser had charged her RM1,200 when she dyed her hair at home.

Responding to her call, Ahmad said he would bring the proposal on “home service” guidelines to Putrajaya. – Malaysiakini

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