How should a woman’s body be?

by Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT: It is easy to conceal one’s insecurities; but it takes great courage to reveal some deep-seated fear and a very brave man to lay bare his soul, especially in a public confession. Lecturer and wannabe Malay, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah wrote in his column, that women’s bodies attract rapists. He caused outrage by blaming women for having alluring bodies, which aroused men.

Ridhuan’s remarks are revealing and most unusual. Does he feel uncomfortable in the presence of women? Has he great difficulty suppressing his sexual desires?”

Perhaps he has sexual issues and is confused about his sexuality. One person said, “Did his mother refuse to breastfeed him, as a baby?”

By far, the most common response to Ridhuan’s remarks was pity. Was he bullied, by his schoolmates? Was he teased for his walk, or his talk, his hairstyle or the way he dressed? Was he effeminate or had a squeaky voice or refused to play sport? Was he ignored? Are his controversial articles, merely attention seeking?

Whatever the reason, Ridhuan seems to have grown up with a “blame-the-woman-it’s-got-to-be-her-fault” attitude. He invited contempt when he said that women who were raped, despite their best efforts to cover their “aurat” and dress modestly, were fated to be raped.


If Ridhuan were given the chance, how would he “reinvent” women’s bodies so that they were less alluring and did not cause arousal?

Curves make Ridhuan hot under the collar, or using the Malay expression, “stim”. In his mind, women should be more like snakes, cold, and shapeless, so that men have no bits to grasp, but the snake-like woman could curl tightly around him.

When baby girls are born, they should be put into swaddling clothes and moulded into Ridhuan’s preferred “shapeless” form. This will make them less attractive.

On the other hand, why bother? The Dutch wife, a cylindrical pillow commonly used in Asia, would be more useful to Ridhuan, than a woman.

Perhaps Ridhuan prefers a woman’s body to look more manly. That would invite criticisms of another sort.

Should a woman not have breasts? How would babies be nursed? How would the pornographic industry survive if women had no breasts? What about the brassiere making trade? What would happen to the industry which makes life-size sex dolls, the ‘Living Dolls’? Malaysia’s chemical industry would be decimated.

Would Ridhuan prefer women’s bodies without the “feminine” bits, which are to be found below the belly button? How would procreation occur? Didn’t God say that men and women were made to procreate?

Without the feminine bits, test-tube babies, literally babies which are manufactured in the laboratory, just like in the sci-fi movies, would become the norm. The narcissistic Ridhuan would be able to clone himself.

Ridhuan probably thinks that men’s and women’s bodies should be the same. This would definitely stop men from thinking that women’s bodies were alluring and arousing.

There are financial scandals rocking Malaysia, ‘1MDB’, the Shafee-and-Khairy sodomy road show, the increasing cost of everyday household goods, rising crime, the GST, Sodomy II, Altantuya’s unsolved murder and a host of other troubling news.

No one, apart from some simpletons, should take Ridhuan seriously.  He provides light relief and is an entertaining comic. – The Ant Daily

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