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End of the road for Bersih?

By Neil Khor COMMENT The last 48 hours has been most exhilarating. A lot of Malaysians, particularly wearing yellow and doing their bit for democracy, had a very good time in Kuala Lumpur. They can now go home pleased with … Continue reading

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Dr M fires back at ‘comfortable’ Zahid and Hisham

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has fired back at Umno vice presidents Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Hishammuddin Hussein for criticising his presence at the Bersih 4 protest last night. In his second visit to the protest this afternoon, Mahathir … Continue reading

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Merdeka bash venue changed, and Dr M attends his first rally

           by Theantdaily team RUNNING COMMENTARY: In a space of a few hours, so many things have changed. Tonight’s Merdeka Eve celebration has been shifted to Bukit Jalil, a decision that was made by the authorities. And of course … Continue reading

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From electoral reform to political pressure group

           by Hazlan Zakaria BERSIH 4: For better or for worse, what used to be the pro-electoral reform group Bersih 2.0 is now a full-fledged political pressure group with clear political leanings and no longer the non-partisan civil society … Continue reading

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Where were you on Day 1 of Bersih 4?

by Theantdaily team OPINION: As evening changes into night in Kuala Lumpur, the streets in downtown KL are strangely empty. What little traffic there is flows smoothly. You wouldn’t have thought that merely hours ago, the streets were filled with … Continue reading

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Mahathir wants ‘bangsat’ Najib to leave

  Now it is former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s turn to give his take on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s foot-in-mouth remark that Malays would be ‘terbangsat’ (bastardised) if Umno no longer ruled the country. “I think if that bangsat … Continue reading

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One man’s account at Bersih 4 in downtown KL

         by Paul Sir, The Ant Daily FINAL UPDATE 10.50PM: Why am I interested in Bersih 4? It’s the flavour of the month? Join the huge crowds, bask in the excitement with them and savour the colours of the … Continue reading

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Malaysia braces for anti-Najib rally in latest test for premier

Bloomberg Police blocked off parts of the Malaysian capital as thousands of protesters prepared to descend on the city for a weekend rally demanding Prime Minister Najib Razak’s resignation. The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, or Bersih, expects about … Continue reading

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I’m not acting alone in suing Najib, confirms Umno woman

The Umno woman who was willing to take the bull by its horn by suing party president Najib Abdul Razak in court said she did not act alone. Langkawi Umno division member Anina Saauddin said she acted in the interest … Continue reading

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Speaking in London, Ambiga shatters four Bersih myths

        by Mariam Mokhtar OUTSPOKEN: The people who criticised Bersih failed to realise that, despite being unable to push through all of the electoral reforms it demanded, Bersih created a high level of awareness, among the public; about our democracy, … Continue reading

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