Ku Nan or Saifuddin: So who is the ‘rubbish’ in Umno?

by Mohd Fajar Nor

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THE RUBBISH: The Umno secretary-general did not do his party a favour by his sweeping statement against Saifuddin Abdullah when the latter decided to join PKR.

Tengku Adnan Mansor was quoted as saying that “Even the people of Temerloh don’t want him, so you can take him. We don’t want him. We don’t want all this rubbish in Umno”.

But what can you really expect from a man who has to do his utmost to please his boss after he was cold-storaged in the past. Ku Nan must have remembered the horrible times and how lonely he must have felt when he was not wanted anymore.

Rafidah AzizRafidah Aziz

And I remember clearly what he did to thrust himself in the limelight again. Everyone in Putrajaya must be aware of how he erected billboards of himself together with the VVIP he would invite to his functions. And not forgetting the numerous buntings he would put up for public display too. Oh yes, Ku Nan must also be a very wealthy man to be able to do all that.But did anyone hear of Saifuddin publicly displaying himself (or rather his big ego) when he was Temerloh MP or deputy minister? No, Saifuddin is a humble man and he, as many people now know, is a man who put the interests of others above himself.

It is also not a surprise to me that Rafidah Aziz also chided Ku Nan for his callous remarks against Saifuddin. Rafidah must have learned by now that her Umno is no longer what it used to be, and certainly not the respected Malay party it once was, not when you have people like Ku Nan holding a senior post in it.

A leader like Ku Nan is a liability to Umno, not Saifuddin. And in Ku Nan’s own usage of “rubbish”, I think the rubbish in Umno is Ku Nan himself, and certainly not Saifuddin Abdullah. – The Ant Daily

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