Masing: Budget 2016 not sensible for developing nation

Sarawak minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing says the 2016 national budget pales in comparison with the 2016 state budget. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, October 24, 2015.

By Desmond Davidson

Senior Sarawak minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing has criticised the 2016 Budget, saying it is not neither focused, correct nor sensible.

The outspoken state land development minister said the allocation of RM267 billion for operating expenditure and RM52 billion for development does not “reflect the budget of a developing nation”.

He said RM52 billion for development represents only a fifth of the total budget.

“In layman’s term, it means one-fifth is spent on producing while four-fifths is used to supervise the one-fifth to generate income for the country.

“It’s not the most efficient way to develop a nation which needs a lot of development.” Masing said the 2016 national budget paled in comparison with the 2015 Sarawak state budget. “In this sense, the Sarawak budget’s focus is correct and sensible.

“We use 70% for development and 30% to supervise.

“In short, 70 people work while 30 are supervisors in Sarawak.” Masing however expressed pleasure that Sarawak had not been neglected in the budget tabled in Parliament yesterday.

“Big money is used for our highways, while RM30 million is budgeted to continue with the perimeter survey (of native customary rights land).”

He said that would help reduce disputes between NCR landowners and the state.

“It’s my hope that the so-called NCR land champions assist the government to speed up the survey.” – Malaysian Insider

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