Yes, Adenan, now you know, Putrajaya can be ‘stupid’!

by KS Paul

COMMENT: Not everyone, certainly no BN leader, would dare to call Putrajaya “stupid”.

When Adenan Satem did that, saying that Putrajaya was stupid not to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) awarded to graduates of local Chinese independent schools, it must have ruffled a few feathers.

But the Sarawak chief minister probably didn’t care if his remarks have upset a few guys in Putrajaya – he was speaking his mind and more importantly, he seems to know the subject well.

According to a Malay Mail Online report, Adenan said such a “stupid policy” was detrimental to the country’s growth, as it failed to fully utilise young talents to the local labour force.

“Many countries and private universities all over the world give due recognition to UEC, but not Malaysia. What a waste,” he said.

“If we do not give recognition, then UEC graduates will go overseas to study and when they have graduated, they will stay back and work in those countries. This is what we call brain drain.

“I do not care what the Federal government does. I recognise UEC,” he said, adding that it is within the state’s jurisdiction to recognise the certificate.

He also praised the Pakatan Harapan Selangor government for giving recognition to UEC.

“It is good for them to follow us,” Adenan said.

He said unlike in Malaya, there are many natives in Sarawak who send their children to Chinese schools.

“In some rural schools, 90 per cent of the students are Malays and Dayaks, though the school board members are all Chinese,” he said.

“So, how can you disallow these students from entering local public universities, but you allow foreigners possessing other entry qualifications to come and study in Malaysia?

“This is what I call a stupid policy,” he said, adding that the state government will stand up for Chinese Independent Schools as they have been doing a great service to the state.

Bravo to Adenan again. While Putrajaya may be unhappy with his statement, the chief minister can be assured that he has made the Chinese community in the country a very happy lot.

Chinese educationists have been fighting for government recognition for UEC for years but to no avail. Now Sarawak could become the “centre” for Chinese education in the country and perhaps, even the preferred state to launch a career for those with UEC qualifications.

So Adenan now knows that Putrajaya can also be stupid and make stupid decisions and implement stupid policies at times.

Let’s hope he continues to avoid falling into the trap of following stupid decisions and implement stupid policies like many of his BN counterparts. He must always dare to be different for the sake of Sarawak and its people.

For the Chinese in Sarawak, they must have felt somewhat lucky that they have a chief minister who knows best about Chinese education and dares to do the right thing. – The Ant Daily

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