Mr Billionaire, if don’t blame gov’t, then blame who?

YOURSAY | ‘There is only one person responsible for all this – the PM himself.’

PM: Don’t place blame entirely on gov’t

Karma Chameleon: Mr Billionaire PM, each time your 1Malaysia middle finger points to the external factors, your other four fingers are pointing back at you for all the ills in this country.

For as long as you are in denial of your incompetent stewardship and instead keep blaming others for them, there will be no end to the country’s miseries.

Granted, there are a lot of things that are beyond your control but even things that are within your control, you are doing nothing about them.

It is not entirely right to blame external factors alone. Your recent Budget 2016 is further proof of that where the rakyat, who are already suffering, would have to face greater hardships.

Your Budget, at best, is no more than a ‘mirage’ to fool the people. And the ‘bodek kakis’ (apple polishers) around you are making it worse. They are all dimwits who are good at only one thing: treating the rakyat as fools.

But these ministers can only be as good as their supreme leader, who sadly is a dimwit himself. No apology here.

Anonymous_1421806811: What an unfortunate country for Malaysia to have a PM who is not only afraid to tell the truth but also afraid to take responsibility for his actions.

Perhaps he should answer why the value of Singapore dollar or British pound sterling is increasing compared to the ringgit under the same circumstances.

There is only one person responsible for all this and that is the PM himself. The earlier he quits, the better it is for the country.

Amah: Don’t blame the government, then blame who?

Negarawan: A poor leader, especially a corrupt and incompetent one, will always blame external factors for the problems he is facing or has caused.

If a leader refuses to do a thorough and honest self-examination, then he is not fit to be a leader. The whole country will continue to suffer as a result.

This is exactly why Najib has to quit. He has already caused irreparable damage to the country’s economy, currency, political stability, inter-racial and inter-religious harmony, and most of all, our country’s international standing.

He could be the first ever Malaysian PM to be indicted for criminal offences based on the on-going federal investigations in six countries.

Oh Ya?: Malaysians have themselves to blame for electing a useless government.

On the currency front, RM1 was worth SGD0.90 when Singapore was booted out in 1965. It is now RM1 to SGD0.30.

The Singapore dollar is facing the same external factors and has also weakened against some currencies, but not as bad as the ringgit.

Why the ruling elite not asked themselves what Singapore has done differently that they can emulate?

Bluemountains: Is the RM2.6 billion found in his personal bank accounts due to external factors? Is the transfer of money from SRC International beyond the government’s control?

Anonymous 122461436161429: Of course, there are external factors. As if the rakyat is so stupid to think there are none.

However, the government and Najib and its leaders are spending time and money covering up the ‘heist of the century’ called 1MDB, fixing elections, bribing voters, carrying on with corrupt practices, fanning racism and arresting sane people – all to protect Najib and Umno.

The external factors are not being sufficiently addressed and solved because monies collected are being used to fill the 1MDB black hole.

Mojo Jojo: You really take us as fools, don’t you? Much of the depreciation of the ringgit has everything to do with investors’ lack of confidence in the government.

This means that it has everything to do with the government. Your feudal mindset of placing yourself above blame and claiming no modicum of responsibility for the suffering of the people sickens me.

Gaji Buta: Basically he is saying in a merit-based system, where tenders are awarded based on capability, many of these contractors probably will not get any work.

This is probably true. And so Umno continues to exist by putting fear in hearts of incapable people.

Restless: The manner you speak to your audience confirmed that there is not an iota of shame, guilt nor remorse in holding yourself responsible for the shambles the Malaysian economy is in.

Your Budget 2016 further affirms this with cuts in many departments except your own.

Malaysia ought to be a developed nation like Singapore with our low population, abundant natural resources and huge amount of taxes collected.

Dalvik: Najib is spot on. Yes, it’s caused by the external factor. It is all because of the foreign generous donation that no one asks for.

Perhaps we should return the donation?

Tulan: No, we the rakyat do not blame the government, we blame Ali Baba and his 40 thieves.

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