Please be sensitive, do not make Islam so ugly in Sarawak!

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Zainal YunosI think that appointing an ustaz from Kelantan as the principal of SMK Sungai Paoh is yet another insensitive act of the Education Ministry. After all, the majority of the students there are Dayak Christians. If that is not enough, is the ministry unaware of the ongoing grouses among Sarawakians against Putrajaya? Why fan the fire at a time like this.

I am a Sarawakian Malay and I can empathise with the sentiments expressed here. Imagine how the Muslims would feel if a Christian pastor is appointed as the principal of a Malay-majority school? As a Muslim, I would also object. Therefore, do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

I believe it’s true that Malays in Malaya do not really understand the people of Sarawak. As a Sarawakian Malay, it does come naturally to me to understand and feel for the sensitivities, whether cultural or religious, of my fellow Sarawakians of other races and beliefs. I suppose that’s what being Sarawakian is all about.

On the subject in question, I would advise my fellow Muslims in Malaya, the Education Ministry in this case, not to turn Islam into an ugly religion in Sarawak. All non-Muslims in Sarawak respect Islam as a religion of peace. It has been that way since time immemorial. Do not make stupid decisions and implement policies that will not make Islam go down well with Sarawakians.

Islam is such a beautiful religion. Don’t make it ugly with stupid decisions for political expediency.

I say, transfer that ustaz back to his home state. We don’t need him here. We have our own qualified Sarawakian Islamic scholars to handle Islam in the state.

TheNextSaga: The truth is that so long as the present federal government is in power, its policies will continue to affect Sarawak, despite what Adenan says. Go figure…time to truly wake up to this reality which at the end of the day will depend on the will of all Sarawakians to determine what is it that they want for the sake of the children and their future generations.    

John Fam: Come on Putrajaya, show them Sarawakians that you are not insensitive, take up their challenge and appoint a Christian Brother to be the principal in your sekolah agama in Kelantan or Trengganu.

Donor kebab: Umno has clearly read the Protocols…and has improved on its own version

Kooi Seng Chng: The BN government is committing educational genocide. Destroy the non-Muslims through the education system. This is now in progress.

Saul: Can I suggest the Dayaks take up head hunting again. The ustaz may then ask to be transferred out ASAP.

Jusoh: Send the Ustaz back to be principal in a Kelantan or Terengganu school.

Roy Gregory: He is alone out there in Sg Paoh. If he is naughty, just tie him up and throw him into the river to be eaten by the crocs. Nobody will notice his absence. Haha…

Susan Ritchie: Sarawak, take charge of your own schools and your own capable teachers!

Tc Ling: This is what you get when the ruling party politicise our education system.

Ling Kwong Wong: Why appoint an ustaz from Kelantan when we have so many qualified and credible candidates in Sarawak?

Michel Wright: It is simply called islamisation in the legal way and by the way it has been happening for decades

Johan L Ha: Has Putrajaya/Umno ever been sensitive to Sarawakians or non-Muslim Malaysians all this time?

Tan Ek Kiang: What’s Sarawak CM’s stand? Recall what he said about the federal government. See if he walks the talk!

Lim Paul: Sarawakians still sleeping. No one qualified for the post! Sarawak can use their federation rights to disallow West Malaysians working in Sarawak. So use it!

Yim ChangCherng: Sarawakians, Good Morning. Hope you guys are awake.

These comments are in response to the article Posting ustaz as principal to Dayak school is insensitive published on Nov 9.

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