All religions are beautiful but made ugly by some people


COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Oh Malaysia: I agree with the Sarawakian Malay, Zainal Yunos. Islam is about peace, love, compassion and harmony. Are the Malays in the peninsula ignorant of these noble values in Islam or are they overzealous in increasing the quantity or is it sheer arrogance because Umnoputras hold the power. Whatever their reasons are, as Zainal said, their actions belittles Islam. People in authority, please don’t forget that every dog has its day. Your position is God given. Do not misuse or abuse it. Selfish people rarely recognise how selfish they are. If you think this is about someone else rather than yourself, you’re probably the selfish one in denial.

Jimmy Adit: Sarawak will prosper if our political leaders think like Zainal Yunos. Tell the likes of Fatimah and Abdul Karim, they are not in the right profession. There are better Malays who should be given the chance to enter politics to ensure that racial harmony continues to prevail.

Jane Dripin: Most reasonable and respectful writing from a beautiful heart. Thank you for understanding the logical reason behind the unrest.

Anne Samuel: You are truly anak Sarawak, Zainal Yunos. Well said.

Boniface Barau: I salute you come up with this statement especially, don’t do it unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

Isaac Goh: Don’t be fooled, my fellow Sarawakians. All these racial tension are just plots to distract our attention from the real issue -1MDB and the generous 2.6b donation.

Chia Kee Same: Islam as a religion is not ugly. It’s like all the world’s religions. It’s ugly people that make it ugly.

Mohd Fajar Nor: All religions in the world are beautiful. Only some ugly people make them ugly.

Noel Lim: That’s how they infiltrate the young minds. Wake up Sarawak before it’s too late!

Woo Chee Seng: Will they appoint a Christian to head a Muslim majority school?

An-tel Luhantu Luhantu: It’s quite common to have a Muslim principal even at mission schools in Sarawak and that was never an issue. An ustaz from a fanatic state like Kelantan is of course a “big issue”

Jasmine Kong Bilinski: Keep the job for the locals. Why need a Muslim from Kelantan? Sarawakian Muslims don’t qualify kah, according to MOE? Don’t turn it into a religious argument but what is unfair is they take a job away from our locals.

Rayner Nelson Chong: In my personal opinion, it’s ok to have an ustaz to lead a SMK school as long as the school is not a Christian school like St Peter or such. The school my dad works for is 95% Muslim (Bajau, Bugis) school but the principal is a Chinese.

Matt Mikael: Making an issue just because it is a Christian school. What about non-Muslim or Christians becoming principals of schools with more than 90% Muslim students? Non-issue here.

Melvin Seman: Any Sarawakian principal in Malaya?

Milo Otaku: No issue if the ustaz is Sarawakian.

Sally Lim: No cure for stupidity…

Muhammad Faris: My sister’s school has nuns and priests – still no complaint!

These comments are in response to the Readers’ Comments Please be sensitive. Do not make Islam so ugly in Sarawak! published on Nov 15.

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