Yes, Rais Yatim, have you ever done anything for Sarawak?

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Mohd Fajar Nor: When your BN colleagues are least impressed with your public statements, then there must be something wrong.

So Rais Yatim, it’s clear that the people of Sarawak do not need your unsolicited advice.

And seriously as Dr James Masing has asked, “What have you done for Sarawak, Rais Yatim?”

That is the question which I would also pose to you. Have you ever done anything good for Sarawak that is worth mentioning?

If the Sarawak minister is not at all impressed with you in your long career as a Malaysian minister, what is there left for you to gloat about to ordinary folk.

My advice, similarly unsolicited, to you is “Perhaps it’s time to consider permanent retirement from public office.”

That would probably make you stop making unnecessary public pronouncements and making a fool of yourself along the way.

Boon-Kean Lau: Knowing a second language or conversant with a third doesn’t make one less patriotic. This ignorant ex-minister is obviously a prude or a ‘toot’ not befitting to be a role model for Malay youths.

Patrick Lai: What a lousy ex minister RY.

Stan Chung: Good to know your rights and not be bullied by Umno goons.

Adrian Leo Mosigil: He’s got PhD in Law right and isn’t English the bread and butter of law study?

May Lim: Please lah. Know nuts about the Constitution. Gaji buta!

Kc Kong: “No Act of Parliament terminating or restricting the use of the English language for any of the purposes mentioned in Clauses (2) to (5) of Article 152 shall come into operation as regards to the use of the English language in any case mentioned in Clause (2) of this article until ten years after Malaysia Day” Is there such an Act of Parliament? Is Malaysia Day the day Sabah and Sarawak joined Peninsula?

Mike Low Hoy Boon: Look at the standard of English in the country. It’s getting from bad to worse. How to be an advanced nation by 2020? I have met some university students and they were unable to complete filling in the application forms – they do not understand the meaning of “marital status”.

Ashok Pattu: Can speak Indon okay?

Yow WK: He is a museum piece.

Gnana Pillai Venugopalan: Safe zone swimmer.

Martin Sung: Ha ha. Maybe hoping Najib will bring him back next elections.

These comments are in response to the article Rais Yatim, are you that ignorant of the Constitution published on Nov 22.  – The Ant Daily

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