Zaid praises Americk, is less flattering about IGP and AG


By FMT Reporters

PETALING JAYA: Zaid Ibrahim has described lawyer Americk Sidhu as “fearless” for taking up the case of Charles Morais who has said his brother’s murder is more sinister than initially thought. He however had very little that was complimentary to say about either the Inspector-General of Police or the country’s Attorney-General in this case.

In a blog entry today, the former law minister praised Americk for representing “unpopular causes and unpopular clients”, noting how some of the cases were pro bono.

“The people he (Americk) represents have serious grievances — he would not waste his time representing them otherwise,” Zaid wrote, reasoning that it was Americk’s drive to fight for justice that made him fearless.

Zaid made these comments after a Statutory Declaration (SD) last week by Charles that the murder of his brother was linked to a charge sheet Kevin was preparing. Charles also claimed Kevin had handed him a pen drive with incriminating information in it, for safekeeping.

“The reason we have so many SDs in the country is because people don’t trust the police to carry out a fair investigation when VVIPs are involved.

“Rightly or wrongly, people feel they need to use an SD to publicise the matter first — that’s their protection,” Zaid said, alluding to a previous instance involving private investigator P Bala, who made an SD regarding a high-profile murder in the country.

He also remarked how Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar reacted less than professionally to the news, calling Charles a “coward” for leaving the country after recording his SD.

“A more professional reaction would have been to acknowledge the seriousness of the accusation, and to pledge that an investigation team would be sent to Charles Morais’ address in the United States as soon as possible.”

He also said Khalid’s “attacks” on Americk were tantamount to “harassment” and that a top police officer should not have sent the police to interrogate the lawyer over his client’s SD.

“The Attorney-General (AG) has also not been much help in presenting a good image for the country when it comes to dealing with cases like this,” Zaid said, adding that Apandi Ali calling the SD “preposterous” was premature.

“The Attorney-General should not be so quick to rubbish serious allegations. He should be interested in the substance of the complaints, and not whether Charles Morais is bankrupt or not.”

Zaid said the AG should speak to his predecessor, then dispatch an investigation team to the US to examine the pen drive.

“There is no need to foam at the mouth when someone makes an allegation about our leaders. There is no need to behave like a personal aide to the Prime Minister. Be cool and professional at all times,” Zaid said. – FMT

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