MAHB knew all along about 3 aircraft at KLIA, owner says


By FMT Reporters

PETALING JAYA: Officials at Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) knew all along who the owner of the three aircraft parked at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) was, said the CEO of Swift Air Cargo, the company the aircraft belongs to.

Captain Blue Peterson, who said Swift had owned the aircraft since June 8, told The Star, “MAHB knows this for we have been in many meetings with them about the aircraft.

“MAHB for some unfathomable reason, refuses to acknowledge Swift as the owners of the aircraft, even though we have all of the supporting documents, including the Bill of Sale for the three aircraft.”

He said the sale was witnessed by solicitor Syed Amir Ibrahim of Syed Ibrahim & Co, when the documents were signed in Kuala Lumpur.

He also said he had in his possession a Statutory Declaration from the previous owner, notarised in Hong Kong and with the Malaysian Consulate stamp on it.

“All the many various supporting documents, clearly state that Swift is the owner of all three B747’s,” he said, adding that the first meeting with MAHB was conducted on June 17 while the last was on October 12.

He said the company last heard from MAHB on November 3, and explained, “Since then, Swift and MAHB have been communicating with letters and we were waiting for yet another meeting to present more documentation and information as requested by MAHB, when instead MAHB announced to the world that the owner of the three B747’s was missing.”

In their apparent hunt for the rightful owner of the aircraft, MAHB ran several newspaper advertisements serving as notice to the owners that the aircraft would be sold or disposed of if not collected within 14 days. – FMT

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