Muhyiddin touched by ‘heartfelt’ note from supporter

| December 14, 2015

Woman not only passes the Umno deputy president the note but pays for his meal in a gesture of thanks for all he has done in speaking up on behalf of the rakyat.

muhyiddin-suratamy-hoPETALING JAYA: An ordinary meal at a cafe for the Umno deputy president today turned out to be a heartwarming one when a customer passed him a message, thanking him for standing up for all ordinary rakyat like herself.

Taking to his official Facebook page, Muhyiddin Yassin uploaded a picture of the serviette on which the message was written and said: “A heartfelt message I received from a lady at a cafe this morning. Thank you!”

Neatly written on a serviette, the woman thanked the former deputy prime minister for speaking up when no one else dared do it.

She also said that the people were rooting for him and praying that his struggle was not in vain.

“Thank you very much for standing up for all of us when no one dare to do it.

“We are all for you and we are praying that your struggle is not in vain.”

She ended the note, saying, “May God bless you and our country,” before signing off.

Speaking to FMT, an aide to Muhyiddin said the woman also insisted on paying for his meal as a gesture of gratitude for all that he had done thus far in speaking up for the people.

Muhyiddin has paid a high price for openly commenting about the controversial issue of debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MBD) as he was dropped from Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Cabinet in July this year because of it.

Another issue of contention has been a RM2.6 billion political donation deposited in Najib’s personal bank accounts in 2013 for which very little information has been given to the public.

The just concluded Umno General Assembly was another difficult time for Muhyddin as for the first time in the party’s history, the deputy president was barred from speaking in either the opening ceremonies of its various wings or at the close of the event.

Muhyiddin, on his part, has vowed to keep pressing for answers on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion despite being sidelined by his own party including being investigated for possibly having flouted party rules by not using the proper channels to voice his grouses with the party leadership. – FMT

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