HRH, rakyat have already given Najib plenty of chances

YOURSAY | ‘The first step Najib must take is to admit that he had made mistakes.’

Give Najib a chance, Johor sultan tells daily

Fair Play: I like to think I am a rational Malaysian who posts comments using his head instead of his heart. Let me start with this. In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed jack is king.

His Royal Highness (HRH) the Sultan of Johor is right. In the short history of our nation, perhaps this is the most challenging and daunting period of nationhood with very strong external headwinds blowing relentless onto our shores.

Putting aside the blame game and excesses of the past, moving on, PM Najib Abdul Razak is the only proverbial one-eyed jack now and in the foreseeable future. Like it or not, we all are the passengers in an ocean liner charting the stormy seas with him as the only captain. I also believe I am one of the passengers.

Negarawan: Why not give Malaysians a chance instead? Najib has been given more than ample time and opportunities to right all the wrong but he has chosen repeatedly to not only to hide the truth, but to punish the whistleblowers. In doing so, the country’s image and economy have taken a severe beating.

This is not the leadership and honesty the rakyat expect from a PM.

Regardless, I salute HRH the Sultan of Johor for his balanced views on racial and religious harmony, using Singapore as a model of good governance, youth and social issues, national unity, and the education system. HRH is truly a model to be followed, especially in challenging times for the country, and we look forward with pride to see HRH as the Agong one day.

Justine Gow: To fix his mistakes, the first step Najib must take is to admit that he had made mistakes and ask forgiveness and permission from Malaysians to stay on as PM.

If Malaysians are forgiving enough to let him continue as PM, only then can he start to fix the mistakes he made. Without taking this first step, whatever he does can only be an attempt to sweep everything under the carpet. This is what he has been doing so far.

Legit: HRH, could you please advise Najib to do the following before he can be forgiven by the rakyat:

1. Come clean on the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6 billion in his personal account.

2. Tell the truth on the Altantuya Shaariibuu, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais murders.

3. Come clean on the Mara property scandals.

4. Repent on the wrongful conviction of Anwar Ibrahim and release him immediately.

5. Release all detainees under the Sedition Act, the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma), and others.

6. Get rid of the current attorney-general (AG) and inspector-general of police (IGP) and reinstate the independence of the police, Judiciary, AG and all the other government institutions.

7. Get rid of the current leadership of the Election Commission (EC) and install a truly independent EC.

8. Rescind the draconian laws like Sosma and the National Security Council (NSC) Bill, and stop the abuse of laws like the Sedition Act and the Penal Code.

9. Keep his wife Rosmah Mansor under control.

However, nobody believes he would do any of the above and therefore, Your Highness, this guy cannot be forgiven and he doesn’t deserve a chance.

GE14Now!: The man has been given many chances. He said that he would clear up the 1MDB debacle within six months and he has had his six months. If his cybertroopers want to keep on believing in his fairy tales, well that is up to them. For the rest of us who are judged by our performance at work, this man would have been fired long ago.

RCZ: By fixing, does the sultan mean for Najib to take money from the rakyat and fix the hole called 1MDB, or does he mean admit the hole and the theft and resign and go to jail? No leader who has fiddled with the country’s coffers and has RM2.6 unexplained billions in his personal account is worthy of our support nor respect and many have gone to jail for less.

Slumdog: With all due respect, Sir, taking RM2.6 billion is not a mistake, including all his actions since then. Najib kept quiet about it until it was made public by the Wall Street Journal and since then, has made every attempt to avoid accountability and to cover it up.

Daniel: Ampun Tuanku. We hope that you meant to give him a chance to admit to his transgressions and make restitution, and not to give him a chance to cover up and make a bigger ass of Malaysians, including us Johoreans.

Pahatian: Indeed every one is giving him a chance. A chance to explain explicitly the how, who and where about RM2.6 billion ‘donation’. If he doesn’t take up that chance what other chance does he want? The chance to carry on as PM without explaining about the RM2.6 billion? No way.

Sa tombs: His Royal Highness has truly shown what a great statesman he is. Will the PM reciprocate by telling the truth, instead of giving an eyewash that Jho Lo represented the Saudi king; and was this the representatives whom the deputy prime minister (DPM) met?

This requirement is non-political but is expected from every leader. God bless my sultan as he opens the eyes of these people.

Send in the clowns: How do you expect us to give him a chance? Tell that to those he locked up in jail, those who lost their lives linked to his corruptions, those opposition politicians on whom he slapped the Internal Security Act (ISA) or Sosma on them without a cause. I could feed you a long list of his deliberate actions of wrong doings, it will not finish until the cows come home.

Najib is beyond help, beyond the beyond.

Satubangsa: What mistake did the PM make? I thought he made no mistakes.

Stev: Yes, give Najib a chance to find more donors.

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