Kit Siang, our ministers are not comedians, they’re clowns


YOURSAY | ‘When you give monkeys a beautiful garland, you know what they will do to it.’

Looks like our ministers are the new comedians

Kim Quek: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, you have hit the nail on the head of a totally discredited political leadership led by a scandal-crippled captain.

When it takes a comedian to knock some sense into dim-witted ministers, you know that the country is now in bad hands. It is akin to a ship manned by a helpless crew and piloted by an obsessed pilot, sailing into rougher and rougher waters.

Clearly, we are badly in need of a new crew and a new captain. But that change wouldn’t happen unless the majority of the people are finally awakened to the current treachery and determined to set sail on a new course.

And that is exactly what all patriotic citizens must endeavour to achieve – to enlighten those as yet unaware of the betrayal of the current leadership.

9174382725382: Once upon a time I was young and I thought the adults are so learned and experienced.

The older one gets, the more one sees. But over here, you see more stupidity growing by the day and that after all, these big shots are ‘not so learned and experienced’ but are scum of the day who profess stupidity to the utmost and they show only the shallowness of even stupidity.

Legit: When you give monkeys a beautiful garland, you know what they will do to it. This is the state of affairs in the country now. A beautiful country and they are intent on destroying it.

Snake-in-the-Grass: When idiots try to impress, they become natural disasters. When intelligent people try to be idiots, they become comedians.

When the ignorant fools try to differentiate between idiots and intelligent people, they become confused, lost and insane.

Wandering Star: It is not that Umno-BN does not want to listen to Kit Siang, they pretend not to appreciate his views and opinions simply because they do not know where to begin.

BN comedians are well-paid jesters and are more suited in the circus than in the political arena.

Headhunter: A comedian doing what comedians do best, making a fool of himself and telling silly jokes. And I’m not referring to Harith here.

Dont Just Talk: I would give up anything to be in Deputy Minister Ahmad Maslan’s shoes, holding three jobs as Pontian MP, deputy trade minister and Umno information chief, all with different salaries and perks.

Dear PM Najib Abdul Razak, how should my resume read? 1) To be loyal to the PM at all times. 2) In case of doubt, refer to No 1.

Minister: Tabung Haji TRX land too good to sell

Anonymous_1426565266: You are right, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom, instead of suck up the investors to recover your enormous overpriced land cost, you might as well develop it yourself and suck up the rakyat’s money with sky high property price.

Or best of all, if the rakyat cannot afford it, open to foreigners to buy and let them jack up the rental cost.

After all, I don’t think any non-government-linked company (GLC) investor is so stupid to buy your overpriced Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) land.

What a joke by telling the people that “TRX is too good an investment to sell”. Even the kampong folk can figure it out from the numbers.

Discovery: Minister Jamil, you can’t sell the land because simply there are no takers. So don’t come up with this bulls**t that Tabung Haji is now in possession of a piece of valuable asset too valuable to be dispose of.

And also please don’t answer on behalf of contributors. What are the contributors’ views? Did you bother to find out?

How do you think they feel when 1MDB got the land for RM64 per square foot (psf) but Tabung Haji bought it from 1MDB at RM2,773 psf?

Focus on the real issue, which is, the contributors have been taken for a ride and now the ride is made to look good by your statement that the land is now worth RM3,000 psf.

6th Generation Immigrant: Jamil Khir has made a liar out of Najib. Tabung Haji was earlier advised by Najib to sell the TRX property after a public backlash over the purchase.

Three credible and urgent buyers so it seemed.

Anonymous #19098644: They never mean what they say and they don’t say what they mean. How can anyone believe this bunch of Umno politicians?

Again and again, they continue to mislead the rakyat. They said they would dispose of the land within six weeks. Guess what, a new story again.

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