PKR is here to stay, Azmin tells Sarawak CM

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali today stressed that his party’s presence would remain in Sarawak.

Azmin was commenting on Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem who had, in a countdown to a toll-free Sarawak event on Thursday, admonished the interference of West Malaysia-based parties in the state.

The Selangor menteri besar however pointed out as a national party, PKR was responsible to participate in the Sarawak state elections.

“This is not a new thing. We have participated in the Sarawak state elections since the beginning.

“And we are there to stay,” he said, pointing out how PKR had won several seats in Sarawak previously.

Meanwhile, commenting on the state polls which Adenan (photo) had hinted might happen in March, Azmin said PKR has long prepared for it.

“We have long prepared for it. We are just waiting for the date,” he told reporters in a press conference in Ulu Kelang today.

Adenan, in the event on Thursday night, had told Sarawakians to be ready to vote for Barisan Nasional in three months’ time.

“I have kept my word, In the polls three months from now, you will keep your word to me. You will fulfil your promise to give me five more years,” he had said. – Malaysiakini

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