Will Sarawak election 2016 be a fiesta for CM Adenan?

by Jimmy Adit

FOCUS: Adenan Satem is going to love it when he goes into the 11th State Election, his first as chief minister and state BN chairman.

He will relish every moment of it because he will be leading the BN into the battlefield where no one is a friend and all parties will be going after each other’s throat.

While PKR thinks it can give BN “worthy challenge” in 36 seats, DAP says it is ready to contest in “at least 30 seats”.

“At least 30 seats” of course means more than 30. Could it be 36? Could DAP be referring to the 36 seats PKR is eyeing?

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) wants to contest the 11 seats of Pantai Damai, Satok, Samariang, Tupong, Demak Laut, Batu Kitang, Muara Tuang, Kabong, Beting Maro, Senadin and Samalaju.

And PAS says it will contest more than 10 seats but names 11 – Beting Maro, Sebuyau, Sadong Jaya, Muara Tuang, Samariang, Pantai Damai, Jepak, Samalaju, Lambir, Senadin, Batu Kawa and Dudong,

Amanah and PAS are basically talking about contesting the same seats.

Then we have Peace Party, declaring it will be contesting in “15 rural seats”, naming Tasik Biru, Serembu, Bengoh, Triboh, Balai Ringin, Bukit Begunan, Simanggang, Pelagus, Baleh and Bukit Saban as its top pick.

Peace Party is interesting in that, true to its name, it is at peace with itself. Immediately after its peaceful birth two years ago, it withdrew to the peace and quiet of hibernation.

Strangely though, even throughout the long winter slumber, Peace Party was able to recruit 43,200 members! And only wakes up when the ice melts as news of the 11th Sarawak Election hots up.

DAP, PKR, Amanah, PAS, Peace Party, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) Baru, and not forgetting those gentlemen and ladies, many of them unheard of before, who not too long ago declared their interest in contesting in the coming state election and splashing their academic credentials like as if these are all they need to win over rural votes.

Then you have those who thought they could hijack Peter John Jaban’s Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) and use it to fool voters.

But of course John never intended S4S to be more than an NGO that it is, and quickly declared disassociation with his detractors.

The stage, however, has been set. Come the elections, it is going to be like wrestling’s royal rumble where it is every man to himself.

BN is clear about what it wants. It wants all 81 seats, and it will contest all 81 seats. In all 81 seats BN too has its own core supporters.

Although it would seem BN will be battling it out against the rest, a fair part of the BN’s battle will be fought for BN by its enemies and the enemies of its enemies.

Why this is so is because the seats DAP wants are those wanted by PKR; and the seats Amanah wants are those wanted by PAS, while Peace Party wants seats wanted by PBDS Baru.

It’s going to be a dog eats dog situation, not for BN though, but for the rest.

If Adenan never enjoyed himself in past elections, he will surely relish the coming one because the opposition parties will be tearing at each other. – The Ant Daily

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