Alvivi trial: Vivian Lee cries in court

 By Michelle Tam

KUALA LUMPUR: A pale Vivian Lee May Ling (pic) wiped away falling tears in the dock when the Sessions Court stood down for a short break on Monday morning.

Clad in a knee-length navy blue dress with long-sleeves, the female half of sex blogger duo Alvivi – with Alvin Tan Jye Yee – had otherwise appeared calm during the ongoing trial, and only chatted with a middle-aged male companion and her lawyer, Chong Joo Tian during breaks.

Lee was alone in the dock as Tan has jumped bail and is currently in the United States.

The Sessions Court, presided by Judge Abdul Rashid Daud, heard testimony from witnesses including Insp Sharveen Seelan.

Sharveen had lead a team of nine police officers from Bukit Aman to raid Tan and Lee’s apartment at Jalan Ipoh on July 15, 2013.

When Deputy Public Prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin asked for more details, Sharveen said Tan and Lee brought him there as he had never been to their place prior to the raid.

Upon arriving at the address, Tan opened the locked grille gate and door with keys taken from his pocket before entering the unit with Lee and the police.

In the 10pm raid, Sharveen confiscated nine items from the “messy” residence: one Samsung laptop, one black Khattarwong pen drive, one white Toshiba pen drive, one UMobile broadband unit, one Panasonic camera, one Canon camera unit, one electric bill, one UMobile bill, and one Lenovo laptop.

He told the court that Tan had confessed to owning the laptops and the camera.

According to investigations by other witnesses, Tan was the only one to have two mobile numbers and a broadband line registered with UMobile.

However, Lee’s defence counsel Chong Joo Tian, pointed out a discrepancy in the raid form during Sharveen’s cross-examination, which showed the jotted time to be 10 “hours” instead of 10pm as testified.

“Do you agree that the nine items mentioned were confiscated at 10am instead of 10pm like you mentioned?” he asked.

Sharveen disagreed, to which Chong pressed: “Do you agree that it contradicts what you said, that the raid was done at 10pm?”

He added that the confiscated items were surrendered to MCMC investigations department assistant director Yuzani Muhammad Yusoff at 1am on July 16 at Kompleks Kerajaan Bukit Perdana.

Yuzani also participated in the raid, and Sharveen later clarified that his mistake was in writing “hours” instead of 10pm as the raid was done at night.

The trial will resume on Jan 21 to hear testimonies from MCMC investigating officer Akmal Hamdy and Yuzani, with submissions scheduled for Feb 24 and 25, 2016.

On July 18, 2013, Tan, 27, and Lee, 26, were jointly charged under Subsection 5(1) of the Film Censorship Act, Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act and Section 298A(1) of the Penal Code.

They were charged with displaying pornographic images on their blog between July 6 and 7 that year.

For the second charge, they were accused of uploading content that could possibly stir hostility among those with different beliefs between July 11 and 12.

They also face a charge of publishing a seditious photograph and inviting Muslims to break fast with bak kut teh together with a halal logo.

Tan and Lee later apologised for the video posting on YouTube, saying it was done in jest.

Their charge under Section 298A(1) was later dropped by the Court of Appeal on grounds that it did not apply to non-Muslims. – The Star Online

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