See how arrogant they have become, Zaid keeps flaying judges

An unfazed Zaid Ibrahim continues to lob a barrage of acerbic salvos on judges despite being hauled up by the police for questioning under the Sedition Act.

In his latest blog post, the former law minister disclosed that his sister had advised him to stop writing and be contented with playing with his grandson.

“She was worried I was about to end up in the lock-up or in prison,” he said.

However, Zaid refused to back down and claimed that judges now are just as sensitive as politicians.

“I told her (his sister) judges should be our last bastion of protection from tyranny.

“Judges are special individuals who can dispense justice when politicians and other stakeholders have failed altogether.

“But when high-placed judges lose their capacity for compassion – in Indira’s case, to do what’s right and just for a mother – then we have a problem.

“The least we can do is to voice our concern,” he said.

Zaid courted trouble for expressing anger with the Court of Appeal ruling over the unilateral conversion of minors in the case of K Pathmanathan (Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah) and his ex-wife M Indira Gandhi.

Commenting on this questioning session with the police yesterday, the ex-minister said: “Of course, some judges get upset when I call them ‘heartless’.”

“Heartless means unkind. I could have described them as Sunni clerics but I didn’t. They have become hypersensitive, like our political leaders who cannot even tolerate cartoonists.

“They level sedition charges against cartoonists and bloggers like me because their feelings are hurt. Their feelings are apparently more important than the feelings of a helpless mother, so much so that they require the protection of the Sedition Act.

“See how arrogant these people have become – you cannot hurt them at all,” he added.

Zaid said if nothing is said or done now, these judges would ascend higher and future generations might face sedition charges for even more minor infractions.

Therefore, the former Umno lawmaker told his sister that the least people of his age could do was to dedicate themselves to the betterment of the people of this country.

“If all we can do is write, then we must continue writing. If all we can do is speak, then we must speak out.

“So I told my sister, let’s not be cowed by these judges. They are like that because the people have given them too much latitude. They have rubbed shoulders with politicians and members of the royalty for far too long.

“They are excited about the prospect of being given board appointments in big companies after retirement, as their predecessors did, and they get too many titles for their own good.

“In the end, some of them have forgotten about little things such as kindness, compassion and the feelings of a mother,” he added. – Malaysiakini

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