Bersih: BN gets 10 new ‘winnable’ seats in S’wak


By Tarrence Tan

PETALING JAYA: BN is set to have a 10-seat head start in the upcoming Sarawak election resulting from the recent re-delineation exercise, Bersih 2.0 Chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah said.

Speaking on the panel with the Malaysian Electoral Roll Analysis (Merap), she said, “Voting trends observed in the 13th General Election (GE13) indicate BN has a strong chance of winning 10 out of 11 new DUNS (State Legislative Assemblies) created by the re-delineation exercise.”

Her assessment was based on research conducted by Merap, which studied data gathered from GE13 indicating that the re-delineation exercise had created several BN-friendly seats.

“Where these [BN-friendly] seats have been created, the average size of the constituency would shrink between 25 per cent to 47 per cent,” she said.

Maria pointed out that the re-delineation exercise in Sarawak contradicted several Sections of the 13th schedule of the Federal Constitution, namely Section 2(C) which requires all constituencies in the same state to be ‘approximately equal’, and Section 4(a) where there was failure to provide adequate information to affected voters.

The Bersih chief added that this led to a worsening imbalance in the number of voters in each constituency and was “a mockery of the ‘one person, one vote, one value’ principle”.

Merap Researcher, Lee Wee Tak said that BN was set to gain massive success in the upcoming March state elections and cautioned that other states could suffer the same fate as Sarawak.

“We can expect the same methodology for Sabah as well, where strong rural seats will be divided so that BN can be strengthened further,” he said. – FMT

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