Fishmonger offers 8.5kg empurau for RM8,075

Ong has a photo taken with the 8.5kg empurau.

Ong has a photo taken with the 8.5kg empurau.

KAPIT: Fishmonger Ong Ee Ching is offering customers an 8.5kg empurau for RM8,075 or RM950 per kg.

He said this is much lower than the RM1,050 per kg price tag last year.

“Economic uncertainty has also affected the demand for the exotic fish here,” he said when promoting the empurau caught by fishermen from Sungai Baleh.

Ong pointed out that the best empurau come from Sungai Baleh.

“This is one of the most exclusive fish in Kapit. It’s very rare and highly valued in the market, sought after by politicians or businessmen as a festive gift.

“This is a prestige because it doesn’t mean if one has money, one can buy the fish because it’s very rare. Normally, the fish buyers place an order and when the fish comes, it is delivered,” he said.

Ong said other expensive river fish are ikan semah (RM170 to RM180 per kg) and ikan tengadak (RM450 per kg).

“Ikan padi, ikan patin, ikan tapah, ikan lajong are easier to sell because of lower prices. Anyway, the Chinese will buy fish for the Chinese New Year as it symbolises prosperity and wealth, and they hope for a better year ahead,” he  said. – The Borneo Post

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