Employees know that any gift over RM50 must be declared

by Mariam Mokhtar

QUICK TAKE: If the rakyat had Harry Potter’s magic wand, all of the Cabinet would have been waved away into oblivion, and probably three quarters of the Opposition MPs too.

Syed Ali Alhabshee, the Cheras Umno Baru division leader, who some cynics claim is the party’s rottweiller, is normally entrusted with defending the party against criticism. He wants Najib Abdul Razak’s “adversaries” to stop attacking him.

Surely, he does not mean the rakyat?

Since when did the rakyat become Najib’s adversaries? The rakyat have every right to criticise him, if need be. Syed Ali misunderstands the role of a democracy. He fails to realise that the rakyat is served by their MPs and the PM; and not the other way round.

The rakyat were presented with some facts about the sordid RM2.6 billion donation. They were horrified by the immediate transfer of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officials handling the investigations. They read about the Special Branch officer who was punished for doing his job. They reluctantly agreed to the request by MACC for more time, to complete the investigation.

After all that hype, and hand-wringing, the Attorney-General, Apandi Ali, exonerated Najib.

This was the cue for Syed Ali, to take over and he warned us, via a blog, “His (Najib’s) opponents have dragged him through the mud and repeatedly tried to tarnish his image by spewing venom against him. His family was also not spared.

“But this has to stop now,” he concluded.

Apandi AliApandi Ali

Syed Ali got one thing wrong. It was not Najib’s opponents who dragged the PM through the mud. It was Najib who dragged all of Malaysia through the cesspit and we have not emerged yet.

The MPs who knew something, but did not try to stop it, are partly to blame. It was also the fault of the failed members of the Cabinet who only tried, when it was too late.

Their actions are likened to the crew on a runaway train, who react only in the last few minutes before the train derails. We, the rakyat, are like the passengers on the train, watching helplessly. If the driver is dead, some of the passengers must climb into the cab, and take control of the runaway train.

The MACC investigation into the RM2.6 billion and SRC International Sdn Bhd’s RM42 million transfer into the PM’s personal bank accounts has ended.

The AG announced that he is satisfied Najib did nothing wrong – the case is closed!

Syed Ali must think that we are stupid.

Many working people know that any gifts over RM50 have to be declared to their boss, or they would face disciplinary measures, and perhaps, the sack.

An unnamed Saudi source claimed that the “donation” was to help Najib in GE-13. That is foreign interference into the domestic affairs of a sovereign state.

Malaysians have the patience of a saint. As if to rub salt into our wounds, Syed Ali then said, “It’s time for us to respect it (the AG’s decision),” and he urged everyone to heed the PM’s request for Malaysians to unite.

Yes, Syed Ali! Malaysians are now more united than ever, after the AG’s verdict, and he has not heard the last of this “donation”. – The Ant Daily

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