Our country needs intelligent ministers, says Tunku Mahkota of Johor

31 JAN 2016: Removing a few ministers who are considered “a joke” is the first step to improving the administrative system, says Tunku Mahkota of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim.

In a recent Facebook post, Tunku Ismail opined that the government should remove a few ministers who had became the public’s laughing stock and replace them with intelligent ones if it wanted to improve the system.

“As my humble advice for the Government, the first step in trying to improve the system is by removing the few ministers who are considered a joke.

“Our country needs intelligent ministers who can serve the people, not to serve their own pockets.

“I pray that our political situation in this country and the education system will improve for the benefit of the people,” he said, in a post uploaded on Johor Southern Tigers Official Facebook page yesterday.

In the post, he stated that the reason he was actively voicing out opinions in any matter concerning the country, especially politics, was because he felt responsible for the welfare of the people.

“When I voice out about politics, it is never about me. It is never personal. It is always for the people.

“I care for the welfare of my people in Johor as well as the rest of Malaysia.

“Being in my position, it is my responsibility to voice out my genuine opinions for the betterment of my beloved state and the nation,” he wrote.

The outspoken 31-year old crown prince also said that he would take the responsibility to speak up on behalf of his people.

“I vow that I will speak up for the people, not to create unnecessary tension but to work together and improve certain areas of weakness, because it is my duty and responsibility as the Crown Prince to serve the people of Johor,” he said. – The Rakyat Post

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