Surely, EC will agree with Adenan’s proposed polls dates

by Mohd Fajar Nor

OPINION: So Adenan Satem’s proposed dates for the 11th Sarawak Election have been revealed by none other than the chief minister himself.

He told an election seminar in Santubong two days ago that he had proposed April 18 as nomination day with polling on April 30 to the Election Commission (EC).

I see no reason for the EC not to accept the dates proposed by the chief minister. In all likelihood, the proposed dates are as good as a done deal.

It’s interesting that Adenan had gone one up on the EC on the announcement of the polling dates. This is the first time it happened.

Under normal circumstances, it would be the EC chairman setting and announcing the dates after being notified of the dissolution of the state legislative assembly.

Perhaps the Sarawak chief minister wanted to show he is the real boss and what he says is the real thing and the EC is expected to respect his wishes.

Adenan was quoted by The Borneo Post as saying that “I have already met with the EC and decided that April 18 will be the nomination day and April 30 the polling day.”

The key words here is “I have decided”. So Adenan has made a decision. And the decision must have been made and consented to by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Is this one up for Adenan? I guess he deserves credit for acting gung-ho over the EC (to say lording over EC will be an insult to the commission) but others may not think so.

Personally, I think it does not make a difference when the elections will be held – in March, April or June, it really doesn’t matter.

But Adenan has set a precedence. He has announced the election dates three months ahead. In terms of electoral preparations, this gives a sense of fairness to all parties who are set to contest.

Perhaps, the prime minister could do the same by giving early notice on when he intends to call for elections.

And in typical Adenan’s fashion too, he also cracked at the Santubong event that the following day after polling, May 1 (Labour Day) is a public holiday and that “it’s also celebration day”.

Oh yes, for the victors, of course, while many losers will be licking their wounds agonisingly, some probably very lost and confused at how they could be rejected by the voters – and so overwhelmingly! – The Ant Daily

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