I’m a Malay and I don’t have any problem with DAP

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Zainal Yunos: For us Malays in Sarawak, I don’t think anyone of us ever criticized the DAP so venomously as the Malays in Malaya. This is because we are more tolerant and perhaps, more cultured too.

The DAP’s support base is the Chinese. Its leaders are mostly Chinese. The party represents mainly the Chinese urban seats.

What is wrong with that? Umno is for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese and MIC for the Indians.

Even in Sarawak, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak was set up by Leo Moggie and Daniel Tajem, principally to protect and fight for Dayak interests.

Nothing wrong with all these racial-based parties. So what is so wrong with DAP?

DAP is actually a multi-racial party. It’s good that the party has embarked on recruiting other races, other than the Chinese, as members.

If it’s true that many Dayak professionals are now attracted to join DAP for whatever reason, well and good. It’s a free country. Anyone can join any political party of their choice.

Let me conclude by saying this. I’m a Malay and I have no issues with DAP. In the same fashion that I have no problem with SUPP, the other Chinese-based party in Sarawak.

In fact, I have nothing against all the political parties, only politicians who are greedy, corrupt and abuse their power once they are at the top.

Mikey: Any professional with any dignity will not join any BN parties. You only live once, so better start off with a party you can trust or else you are deemed a traitor to your race, religion and country.

I wish the Dayak professional all the best for having the guts to challenge the establishment by joining DAP instead of colluding and having a good comfortable life within the BN.

Please remember you are accountable to your communities for all your deeds and no one is responsible but yourself for any decision you make. The political arena is a ‘dirty’ place and if you cannot take the heat, better get out before you get sucked up into the dirty game of politics.

Choysuk: Kind words, they will not regret?

Tommy Su: Because a vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib and both of them wear the same blue underwear with a symbol of oppression. A Dayak deserves to be the chief minister and it’s time the community gets the post back.

Charles Yii: It’s about time the Dayaks in Sarawak claim their rightful “real Bumiputera” status. It’s about time too that they press for respect and a better tomorrow for their children. Who says Dayaks can’t fly?

Steven Sin: DAP is only branded a Chinese party and chauvinist party by the “hon kan” traitor MCA who sells the Chinese to others. When some racist ministers whacked the Chinese, MCA people just kept quiet. Time for the Chinese to wipe out the MCA.

Larry Wam: Work for what is right and not what is right for your boss only. The Dayaks must never become slaves in their own land.

YJ Tan: Our Dayak friends should form a strong party together and stop fighting each other. Remember, this is Dayak land.

Bon Jan: Dayaks should be brave and smart to make a change. Fifty years is a long wait.

Tart Beng Lee: This means that something is not right with BN. So the Dayaks start looking for alternatives.

Paul Ooi: It’s time we just say “Malaysian professionals”.

Marcus Chuah Seng Loon: Go Sarawakians, kick BN corruption out of your state. Enough is enough. You all deserve better.

Joe See: DAP is not a Chinese party, neither is it chauvinistic and dangerous unlike BN/Umno with its corruption and scandals.

Fabian Chan: It’s not about gaining but it’s about not being cheated endlessly!

Charles Jude: But why should Borneans go for a Malayan party? What a shame!

Lim Cheng Hai: Sarawak DAP is helmed by Sarawakians. Are you saying the elected DAP representatives in Sarawak do not fight for the state’s rights?

Aran Manjaji: Because a Malayan party that rejects a corrupt regime is better than a local one that supports it.

Soon Yew Liow: Malaysians must join forces to eliminate corruption.

Stanislaus Anthony: To me, which party you sign up does not matter. But which party you vote for, that’s important. – The Ant Daily

These comments are in response to the article Why Dayak professionals join DAP, reject BN parties published on Feb 2. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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