Najib vs Mahathir: The boy who kicked the hornet’s nest

by Mariam Mokhtar

QUICK TAKE: Najib Abdul Razak has not seen the last of Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The crude methods employed by Umno Baru Kedah, to remove their MB, Mukhriz Mahathir was effective, but they should have resorted to the proper democratic channels. They didn’t!

So, whose fault is that? Everyone’s.

Political leaders may use frogs, or other underhand tactics, to remove various people, for reasons of their own. Or they may want to remove a political party from office, to gain the upperhand in politics.

As individuals, we may object, but our objections do not carry weight. There is no public outcry, no sit-ins, no peaceful demonstrations, not because we are not allowed to protest, but because no one bothers.

Mukhriz’s supporters may have protested, but these were political supporters. What about the wider public? They must have some views about his removal.

Mukhriz may have lost his position, as MB, but Najib has just gained a dangerous adversary.

Mahathir never forgets, nor does he forgive. He may be an octogenarian, but he has not lost his marbles and what he physically cannot undertake, he can instruct others to do on his behalf. He is also a wily tactician.

He is a disciplinarian and his attention to detail, some may call, micro-managing, is second to none. Doing away with Mukhriz was not Najib’s best move. Mahathir will call in all his favours, because this is not just about Umno Baru, or Malaysia, or politics. This is personal. This is about family honour. Najib has just stirred the hornet’s nest.

One political analyst, who wants to remain anonymous, said, “All this started because Najib and his cronies kept all the mega deals to themselves. No one got a look in and it incensed Mahathir, because some of his cronies were badgering him to do something about it. They were losing money and investments.

“In a sense, Najib is to blame for incurring Mahathir’s wrath. If his inner circle were willing to share the spoils, of multi-million ringgit contracts, with the other cronies of BN, then none of this need have happened.

“Everyone would have been happy and no one would have known about 1MDB, or the other scandals which have surfaced. It is all about sharing.

“Put it another way, it is all about greed.”

Another social observer said, “It was a desperate move by the Umno Baru Kedah group. I also think that Mukhriz’s removal was so blatant and so obvious, because they knew no-one would dare to openly disapprove. That much is true.

“We may object, in the privacy of our homes, or at the kedai-kopi, but we are afraid to do or say anything in public.

“Our silence has a cost; the state of Malaysia, today.” – The Ant Daily

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