Najib is bad. Dr Mahathir is worse. Umno is the worst

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Oliver S Mq: Najib is bad. Mahathir is worse. Umno is the worst

Isham Lorian: Very correct statement. Dr M is to be blamed for putting Najib up as PM. Pak Lah was much better. We can forgive Pak Lah that he’s not that astute and brilliant as a prime minister but at least, he was not as corrupt as many of his Umno colleagues.

So indeed, Najib is bad. We all know why now. Dr M is worse for inculcating a system of patronage in Umno that he is now unable to get rid of. And Umno is now filled with greedy and corrupt politicians for the party is the best vehicle to reach the top and get rich. Umno is the worst party in this part of the world.

IT Shiess: This scenario is typical of many Southeast Asian countries where modern day feudal warlords battle each other for power and wealth behind a facade of western-style parliamentary democracy.

Lee Chee Wat: Umno/BN always talk about benefits in monetary form. So 1MDB was born to feed these leeches. In Umno/BN, there is no rakyat until election time. Under Najib, it has turned out to be more obvious.

SouthNorth: Excellent article – as always!

Dr M is no boy scout with regards to fair play in the economy. Najib is cut from the same cloth but did not have wherewithal politically.

Malaysian society has been on a legitimize corruption path since the 80s under Dr M. Now it is so far along the corruption path that may be a point of no easy return.

Packed Heat: The question isn’t “Why are we silent?” but more like “Who has silenced us?”

Malaysians have been forced into silence by Najib & Co. Najib’s gang have threatened us not just with arrests but with threats of humiliation and ostracization. Especially the Malays, if they dare to speak out against Najib, they’ve been silenced by threats of being exiled from their families or hellfire, brimstone and sumpah Batu Tanggang by religious leaders.

The only way to break out of the silence is to provide legal protection and support for dissident Malays against the trifecta of Najib, his cronies and religious elites. To whom can these dissident Malays turn to when their own families and community have rejected them for speaking out against Najib?

Andrew Koh: Another well written article by a lady who has the welfare of the people and the nation’s survival at heart. My siblings and relatives must take solace that there is still someone brave enough to speak out.

Mathama Gandhi advocated for and urged anyone to speak out for the Truth. How could Malaysians continue to be coerced, intimidated and be the laughing stock to the world when Najib and cronies continue to fill their pockets with monies that don’t belong to them?

The people must realize by now that it is not politics at play but greedy corrupt officials at large. It seems that AG Apandi is in the same boat.

People’s power brought down Ferdinand Marcos! These corrupt, incompetent, greedy officials are holding Malaysia to ransom so to speak. How long should their philandering and abuse of power be allowed to continue?

Satu Mi: Andrew Koh – a dictator demands respect and obedience by using fear. A dictator is insecure with an inferiority complex. A dictator is also a bully and coward and mentally challenged. A dictator also abuses his position.

Techiedude888: If Mahathir still has any tricks up his sleeve, he’s taking his time showing it. He is fast becoming forgotten, as fast as the PM is becoming the D word.

Fakhru Razi: I think Mahathir stirred the hornets’ nest and clearly Mukhriz got stung.

Tc Ling: I think he burned his bridges with Dr M months ago; and if Dr M has the capability to remove him, he would have done so already.

These comments are in response to the article Najib vs Mahathir: The boy who kicked the hornet’s nest published on Feb 7. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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