So the Low Yat Plaza common thief is also a drug addict…

 by Mohd Fajar Nor

QUICK TAKE: So it is now confirmed that the man who stole a mobile phone at the Low Yat Plaza in July last year is a drug addict.

Shahrul Anuar Abdul Aziz, 22, was fined RM2,000 by the Magistrate’s Court in Kuala Lumpur last Friday when he pleaded guilty to drug abuse.

Magistrate Muhamad Faizal Ismail also ordered Shahrul Anuar to serve a month’s jail if he failed to pay the fine and undergo two years of police supervision.

What is interesting in this case is that he was charged with taking methamphetamine at the toilet of the Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division office, Dang Wangi police headquarters, Kuala Lumpur, at 4.15pm, on July 12 last year.

One will surely question how Shahrul Anuar got hold of the drug in the Dang Wangi police headquarters? Seriously, of all places – in a police headquarters.

One can surmise that he was either supplied with the methamphetamine from inside or from visitors from outside. In any case, why was he not bodily checked for substances when he was in polive custody of the police?

The police owe the public an explanation here.

Shahrul Anuar was the guy who caused a near racial riot in the heart of Kuala Lumpur after he stole the phone from an outlet in Low Yat Plaza.

The theft was confirmed by IGP Khalid Abu Bakar.

So Shahrul Anuar has been confirmed a common thief and a drug addict. We know only too well that drug addicts are too lazy to work but would go for easy money to feed their sick habit.

But of all people, do you remember who came to the rescue of a common thief and drug addict.

Who else but a minister by the name of Ismail Sabri.

This minister did not even bother to get down to the facts of the case but opted to act for the sake of his race, or so it seems.

He wanted to believe a fictional story that a Chinese trader had sold a cloned phone to a Malay customer and so he must seek justice for his race.

So Ismail Sabri started Low Yat Plaza 2 at the Mara Complex – all because of a common thief and a habitual drug addict.

That says a lot about the mentality of the minister. – The Ant Daily

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