Are they many who convert to Islam out of conviction?

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Saul: How many Malaysian Muslim converts convert out of conviction?

Not many at all, I would say. Most convert out of necessity eg marriage. Some convert for economic advantage, some for legal problems, some to seek revenge for personal reasons, some for seizing parent’s property from other siblings, others convert for 101 other reasons.

One can safely assume most convert for dubious purposes even nasty intentions. This could be confirmed by just looking at the whites in ISIS who most of the time are mentally abnormal.

It is not much different if one looks at the converts in Malaysia. The Deepa case need not tarnish Islam, Islam tarnishes itself by accepting these people with ulterior motives into its fold and protecting them.

Islam appears to me to want quantity not for quality. This is a problem for Islam to sort out. I am just a bystander rolling my eyes at Islam’s welcoming mat/carpet.

Susan Tay: Sadly for those faithful and pious Muslims, everything about Islam is tarnished in Malaysia all the way from the top corrupt Muslim in charge of country all the way down to the stakeholders in every sector that matters. These Muslims have tarnished Islam with their unIslamic behaviour. What is also unfortunate is that these people in the ‘Cash is King’ government also managed to buy over supporters!

Jay Sailorulz: The act of some is tarnishing the image of good Muslims. Something seriously ought to be done to restore the good image of Islam and Muslims as a whole. No religion should be a pain to anyone. Islam is the same.

Begum Ibrahim: My thoughts exactly

Michel Wright: This is the sad state of our country where even the judges are afraid of ruling against anything religious, one has to wonder if our country is ruled by religious laws or the laws of the Constitution.

GP Chua: Are our judges learned? Or Just SPM level like Kedah MB and comes from University of Umno?

Shamed that every judgement is like polka dots with holes that even buses can drive through

Apa ni di!

Shaffee: Muslim converts act with arrogance because in their hearts they are not really converts, but just playing the game for Umno to get more donations lah.

Mikey: Faults of the father leads to the suffering of three children and a mother. When adults (parents) fight, it’s the children that will ultimately suffer. What Viran @ Izwan Abdullah did is morally and legally wrong when he abducted his son and converted his children’s without his wife’s consent.

I hope the few prominent lawyers who applauded the verdict sleep well and the verdict does not come back to haunt them because history has shown that you reap what you saw. The eight points brought up by Mariam Mokhtar are so pertinent that the majority of educated Muslims and Malaysians can agree with her.

To the average Malaysian, the verdict looked more like a group of learned men, trying to please everyone, who ended up, pleasing no one – MM

Loong wong: Great questions but sadly, many of us have not sought to raise them. Abduction is not a small issue but alas, our police and public prosecutors have all deemed fit not to charge and prosecute the offender. It’s a free pass in the name of Islam. How then can we take Islam seriously if breaking the law and causing hurt and anguish to others is considered not an offence and the perpetrator of the crime gets away with it.

Chandran Sukumaran: Loong wong, Conclusion: If you want to abduct someone, convert to Islam. PDRM and the judiciary will protect you.

Donor kebab: What they cannot obtain through legal channels, they will take by force.

Shah Firthous Khan: Writer, please don’t generalise based on this one case. Go and study the other 1000s of divorce cases last year and compare the logic with this one.

Ho Wah Kooi: Even one injustice is too many.

Gnana Pillai Venugopalan: Well said, Ho.

Jack Jack: Whatever the problem may be, the children do not deserve to be put in such a situation.

Gnana Pillai Venugopalan: The faith of the powerless minorities is in a mess. I can only pray for Deepa.

Cayenne David: If one wishes to hurt his/her spouse the most, one converts.

Helen Powers: There are people running everything to ground zero.

Prosperous Sha: All religions are EQUAL. This is what happens when one religion thinks it is superior to the other. Period!

These comments are in response to the article The Deepa case tarnishes the image of Muslims in Malaysia published on Feb 15. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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