Najib vs Dr Ling Liong Sik: The great BN denial continues

by Mariam Mokhtar

QUICK TAKE: The great Malaysian denial continues. Some things never change. One would have thought that most civil servants would regain their senses, once they are out of office. It appears not!

At a press conference, former MCA president, Dr Ling Liong Sik, said that Malaysia would “return to peace, stability and progress” once Najib Razak and his spouse, the self-styled First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) were removed. 

Dr Ling, who is being sued by Najib for alleging that he had misappropriated public funds believes that Umno Baru and BN are not the problem.

So, why did Dr Ling, attend Bersih 4 if he did not think that the country was desperate for free and fair elections, and for reform? Does he know that the Election Commission (EC) turns a blind eye to gerrymandering and other electoral abuses? Did he attend Bersih just for a publicity stunt? Does he think Umno Baru conducts clean elections?

Cabinet ministers and senior politicians have maintained a steely silence about the irregularities surrounding the donation and the RM42 million from the SRC, which ended-up in Najib’s personal account. Does Dr Ling not think that their silence is a sign of their complicity?

Last September, Dr Ling’s former boss, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, also urged Malaysians, to remove Najib, but he opposed the formation of an interim government, with the Opposition, if Umno Baru was not at its helm.

Mahathir claimed that the rakyat was angry with Najib, and his sycophants who currently enjoy various perks as a reward for their loyalty to Najib. He did not think that the rakyat was against Umno Baru or BN.

He predicted that BN and Umno Baru would have a strong likelihood of winning GE14, if Najib were to be removed as the Umno Baru president and leader of BN.

Both Ling and Mahathir ignore the fact that removing Najib does not solve anything, because Umno Baru is a big part of the problem.

We were full of praise for Dr Ling’s resolve to stand up to Najib, but his credibility flew out the window, when he equated Mahathir’s quest to oust Najib as “divine”.

Having consulted all the religious texts, Dr Ling said, “Allah, Jesus, Buddha and all the Hindu deities say it is not correct to take other people’s money and put into your own account. Only Najib says this is correct.

“Mahathir said he (Najib) was wrong also. He was converging the same voice and view of God.”

The lingering farce, which Umno Baru and BN have perpetuated, for four decades, continues.

First. Umno Baru and BN use religion to divide and conquer.

Second. They also use religion to justify their wrongdoings.

Successive Umno Baru and PAS politicians, have claimed that God is on their side. When they are caught red-handed, they run off to Mecca, to perform the umrah and pilgrimage, to cleanse their souls, and clear their conscience. They are hypocrites.

When will Dr Ling accept what we have known for decades? We can pinpoint when the rot crept into Malaysia, and we don’t need God to tell us who started it. – The Ant Daily

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