What makes you think that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent?

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Ag Saml: So what makes you think that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent? What Anwar had done was more towards denying when he should prove that he is not guilty. If it was a trap and Saiful is the bait, then serve him right. He deserves it.

Hashim Petrus: I have great sympathy for Anwar but I have to say that he was guilty as charged. He was unable to prove his innocence in court all the way.

For all his contributions to the nation, Anwar deserves to be treated better. His was a crime of morality, not one of violence or corruption.

Keith Gaths: I also think that Anwar is guilty. But he should be given a royal pardon. Malaysians must be grateful to leaders who have served the nation well.

Adrian Yeoh: Did you even follow the proceedings of the case? Saiful’s testimony was far-fetched at best coupled with ridiculous evidences. Also, Anwar was acquitted previously for a reason.

Helvin Henry: No one ever bothers to ask why Anwar and his lawyers delay his trail the most number of times. It started in 2008 and only ended in 2015 – seven long years with postponement after postponement. Anwar never dared to give his statement from the witness stand so that he can avoid cross-examination. Why?

Michel Wright: Consensual objector – two men steal, one gets caught, goes to jail. The other turns witness and roams the streets a free man. What an irony!

Darren Ching: It will not be easy to live with such a guilt.

Morgan Ng: Karma will settle with Saiful, don’t worry

Erica Lim: Saiful proudly claimed to be a victim but a real victim of sexual abuse would keep a low profile and try to forget what happened and would not want to be reminded of the incident due to the shame. This shows that Saiful is a fake! A real victim would also not be getting a scholarship from the PM at Putarjaya just days before he claims to be a victim of the Opposition leader. The truth is clear for the rakyat to see. The real fool for making up such an unbelievable drama and shaming himself is Saifool!

Ken ong thuan ming: A convict is still a convict. He got his chance to prove his innocence but what he did was pathetic!

Postponement and ridiculous actions in the court of law with an army of lawyers. He got all to his advantage but never answer any allegation straight in the face.

Mikey: If Saiful is a victim, Anwar is what? Both are adults. While he claims they have consensual sex, Saiful is out freely roaming the street and have access to the PM while Anwar is in jail. No one in this world believe a 60-year-old man with back problem can be involved in that sexual act. As Mariam rightly pointed out – since Saiful and Anwar are Muslims, they should be tried in a Syariah court.

Michael Yeow: He has no shame whatsoever and wants to show his face again.

Yong Lim Kok: It’s not self pity but more of inferior feeling for doing wrong. This is shameful.

Daniel Voon Poh Fung: Most people would remember him as a lucky guy who escaped punishment as well as one who damaged the dreams of many yearning for a better Malaysia.

Koh Teng Gee: It is not possible for an old man with a back problem and on medication to sodomise a healthy young man. Certain drugs can cause erectile dysfunction.

Helen Powers: If Anwar wants to do it, I think he would do it in another country. He is not stupid.

Ag Saml: Helen Powers, someone who really wants to do it would not wait. People who are in power think they are above the law.

Hari Hari Mau: A healthy strong young man can’t fight off an old man? Many other questions still unanswered.

Mok Khuen: Lady M, not ENOUGH powerful people have been humiliated or brought to justice and your last paragraph says it all.

Daniel Mah: By right he should be in jail now instead of DSAI.

Sungkhen Liew: Why was Saiful not charged?

Betty Ferns: Intelligent people like you, me and many others know that. Unfortunately, intelligence is no longer important, but blind, stupid loyalty is.

Penny BS Lim: Mmmm…why is The Ant Daily highlighting and bringing attention to him now? Just let him fade away and be completely forgotten.

Mohamad Ali Hassan: I don’t think the posting was made by Saiful himself. It could be made by the team who plotted and managed the whole thing

Helvin Henry: Fact – people don’t quite believe Anwar anymore too.

Lias Manggong: His guilt will never fade out of his mind .It will remain forever and ever.

Christopher Kim: He will forever be tainted for as long as he lives. Hope he’s ok with it.

Lawrence Yap: It’s a pity selling out to the devil at such a young age.

Austin Chamitt Bugatt: His service is no longer required at the moment…on standby. Haha

Ann Stanley: I don’t believe either but Anwar Ibrahim is a fatherly figure.

Mohamad Ayob Mohd Noor: Anwar is a prehistoric dinosaur.

Daniel Liew: Karma and retribution will hit you. What goes around, comes around.

Choong Alan: He should have kept a low profile. Doesn’t he have any pride at all?

Ikhwan Ridzwan: Nobody cares for this fool. Just a pawn

Chris Ty: Correction. No one believes him at all.

Norliza Salleh: He is only human. When you dangle money, they would do anything.

Chris Frankland: Some people just crave attention. Personality defect. Tanjung Rambutan?

These comments are in response to the article Left out of the limelight: Is Saiful wallowing in self pity? published on Feb 13. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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