Boot-licker Nazri is nothing when compared with Rafidah

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Smiley Khalid: Please Nazri, never compare yourself with our Iron Lady. You are no match to her. Her intelligence is beyond your reach. A small lawyer like you who became a full minister through boot licking your boss is nothing campared to Rafidah. You, Azalina, and a few other ministers put together are ZERO in comparison to her. Malaysians especially the Malays are tired of hearing your incompetent speeches. Your downfall is approaching very fast.

Packed Heat: Rafidah may have some issues we disagree with, for example, her wanting to ban the word “feminism” but on the BN side, she’s one of the few rational people left to speak up against the current regime.

Roger 5201: Rafidah is not called The Iron Lady for “nothing”.

Koryee: That botak is a hopeless useless feckless badmouth.

Jaylim: You said it well. Kudos.

TheNextSaga: Mariam, as usual, is spot on with this writing about Rafidah, speaking out where one is not honest and bold enough to speak out, and I say better now than never…she is brave and not a coward or a nobody as some say she is.

Mikey: TheNextSaga, Spot on bro. The tag “Iron Lady” is there for a reason and Nazri has definitely bite off more than he can chew. I/we prefer people who dare to go against the establishment/in power and this lady has guts.

She has everything to lose by voicing her opinions against the party that made her. If Nazri have b*lls, he should challenge Rafidah to a debate and am sure it will be a blockbuster. If I have to choose between Rafidah or Nazri/Jibby, Rafidah will be my choice hands down.

Nofaham: He has no respect for seniors. Bashing his seniors and his party’s no 2 man. In short Kurang Axxx

ken ong thuan ming: Rafidah only speaks when being pushed by TDM. She is just another mouthpiece

KampongTalk: Mariam, Rafidah has more sins than just AP only. Not to forget the taxi company that owns thousands of taxi permits and enslaving thousands of taxi drivers, plus a few more scandals. No one in Umno is clean – even Mahathir, Abdullah or Musa Hitam.

Michel Wright: Fineness verses Crassness. A minister who knew her job well, highly respected in the global arena and whose ministry was efficiently run. Now compare with the other – NO comparison!

Andy Lee: Look at Nazri the Tourism Minister. What has he done to promote Malaysia to the world? He has basically done nothing except giving stupid comments. Compared to Ng Yen Yen, he is totally useless hands down. More tourists have shunned Malaysia.

Nalla Alagan: Very bad for this moron Nazri to speak ill of this lady. Rafidah is one of the most intelligent Malay woman politicians of our times and of course she was deemed fit to lead the nation as PM. Unfortunate that she could not make it.

Aaron Ting: Are you sure you want this greedy lady who gave out all the Approved Permits to the ‘Towering Malays’?

Penny BS Lim: Rafidah Aziz, first woman PM of Malaysia! That is a good thought. She has the calibre.

Tc Ling: I was going to write something about how it is up to some of the righteous members to right the wrongs of the party, then I remember that I harbour no love for Umno at all. Let the battle begin!

William Wong Choon Wah: Our Iron Lady has got the brain. She is smart and straight forward, full of charisma. Just wonder when she is going to be the next PM. I will support that notion.

Benjamin Phang: Agree 100%. Our predominant race was and still is not ready for a woman prime minister or a deputy.

Helen Powers: She has brains. Can you beat that?

Soon Yew Liow: If BN and Umno run like a family unit, everyone will be happy.

Eric Beargguy Tan: Attempting to give a “feck to feckers”.

Kelley Sarojakumari Kuttan: Sadly, they are all corrupted one way or  other.

Harry Ooi: You guys will soon face the music.

Raymond Chan: AP queen.

These comments are in response to the article Malaysia’s Iron Lady versus ‘The Feckless Motormouth’ published on Feb 25. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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