Did Najib pick Mahdzir Khalid up from the tong sampah?

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Muzzafar Asim: Where did this Mahdzir Khalid suddenly spring from? Never heard of him till he was appointed minister. Where did Najib pick him up from? Must be from the tong sampah. What utter rubbish we have in the Education Ministry! Sickening state of affairs!

Tc Ling: And that is the reason why our education is in disarray. They run out of educated people and appointed a buffoon as the *Education* Minister. If there is a -100 score on the scale, he would be qualified for it.

Susan Ritchie: What are his credentials?

Tc Ling: Wikipedia doesn’t even have his qualification listed and he doesn’t seem to be a scholar either.

Ravi Arumugam: Most ministers are handpicked. Only God knows their credentials and qualification, if any! And God knows how many have fake papers!

So is it surprising when our systems in general fails? Only when our Malay brothers and sisters awake will real change take place.

God bless Malaysia.

Michel Wright: Well said by the writer. Sad to say, most Sarawakians are blind to their plight and need and that is why they will still vote the way they have been voting all this while…blindly.

Maling Kanyan: The majority of Sarawakian Christians understand this issue. So don’t worry about it. Sarawakians are very tolerant folks as long you don’t go overboard.

Soon Yew Liow: True we Christians should not say bad things about  people. It is God who decides for all.

Gabriel Saba Kiyai: Sarawak Immigration should immediately ban the racists from Malaya including the extremist Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid from setting foot on Sarawak soil.

Sarawak for Sarawakian!

MDon Cheang: Do not allow such racist bigot ministers from Malaya to corrupt the beautiful and harmonious Sarawak we know.

James Hoh: These people see non-Muslims through the lenses of an Islamic worldview. Education minister is also bias. Too bad!

PT Philip: Horrific that it comes from none other than the education minister. What will the future generation and leaders learn?

Benson Ong: Double standard. Adenan just welcomed this bigot!

Emastulen Chan: Well said but then, these bigots have to say what they said in order to stay relevant in Malaya.

Jerree Pillai: If a man rapes a girl, will the victim’s family accept a mere “sorry” from the rapist?

I don’t think so too.

So, this low-life minister is no different from a rapist, as the rapist has sold his soul to the devil, which renders his “sorry” invalid.

Why press such a “soul” for an “invalid” sorry?

It’s unnecessary.

The devil will use his soul and destroy him when the devil has no more use for such souls.

BlueOcean: Christian majority state? Followers, may be. Practitioners, doubtful.

dupy82: Blue ocean, I am a Sarawakian and I’m proud of it. Why? We have lived together in peace and harmony for decades. But someone like Mahdzir doesn’t realise that.

It doesn’t matter if you are a follower or practitioner, only God can judge you. We are human, not God.

BlueOcean, I don’t think you really know about Sarawak. By the way, do you lives in Sarawak?

KampongTalk: BlueOcean, it is unlikely that a dictator-like minister will apologise because he is mentally challenged.

Hiu Chee Keong: Just vote this bunch of moron out in the next elections!

Peter Wong: If a non-Malay says this, he will be lynched.

Tang Andrew: Garbage in garbage out.

Peter Wellington: Umno breeds extremists. Tok Nan should ban him from entering Sarawak.

Edmund Patrick: Proud of my country. Ashamed of my government.

Neoh Hor Kee: Umno is full of inbred retards.

These comments are in response to the article Mahdzir, when are you going to apologise to Christians published on Feb 25. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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