Mystery of million ringgit child

The child is probably between four and six years old and the money easily amounts to over RM1 million.
Mystery of million ringgit child
By Staff Writer

What is your first impression when you see a photo of a child sitting beside a huge pile of cash, half of which are neatly packed in a suitcase and an equally obscene amount of money on the floor?  She is seated by the bed with the open luggage, another travel bag and a plastic laundry bag with more cash in it.

This photo of a child with millions of ringgit has gone viral on social media and was posted on Utusan Online.

The child is probably between four and six years old and the piles of RM100 and RM50 bills easily amount to over RM1 million.

As the big suitcase still has an airplane luggage tag attached to its handle, the parent or parents of the child could have just returned from aboard with the money and the child. The photograph was probably taken in a hotel room as the wall-to-wall carpeting, laundry bag and furniture and bedside control panel suggest.

Why is such a huge amount of money being moved around and not kept in a bank?

Does the money belong to a local crime lord or a corrupted politician or a high-ranking official on the take? Obviously this is not money earned by someone with a nine-to-five job and earning an honest living.

Could the photo be a stillshot of a film?

Could this be the money of a crime lord? It could very well be, considering the money is bundled up with rubber bands.

A millionaire would know better than to risk himself and his child by carrying such a huge amount of cash. Since the wads of cash are tied up with rubber bands, it can also be assumed that the person didn’t just make a withdrawal from the bank.

Even if the money was earned through a legitimate way, it is crazy to upload the photo of the child with such a huge amount of money on the Internet. One last question — how did Utusan Online get the photo if it is the original source of the viral postings? – The Heat Malaysia

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