Ismail vs Dr M: May you rot in hell with 72 ugly witches

by Zainal Yunos, The Ant Daily

OPEN LETTER: Dear Ismail Sabri, I don’t know you personally and I have no desire to know you at all, to be honest.

But like many, I’ve heard and I strongly abhor your strange antics, especially after the infamous Low Yat Plaza brawl in

– See more at: Lumpur last year. You can set up Low Plaza 2 or 3 or even 10, for all I care.

By doing that, you think you are doing the Malays a favour and hope to be recognised as a Malay hero, perhaps. But now you know that the fracas was started by a common thief and a drug addict. Many of us, including the Malays, had a good laugh at your stupidity in jumping the gun after the incident.

In fact, why don’t you set up digital centres in all Mara buildings throughout the country? That would make you the new Hang Tuah – sounds great eh! Good for the ego too!

This week, you are at it again and this time, you saw it fit to run down Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the most unsavoury manner.

You have crossed the line when you liken our elder statesman “to a comatose patient waiting for his time to die”.

That sounds like a curse to me.

That remark of yours is the unkindest cut anyone has hurled at Mahathir. To me, cursing is foul language.

Because cursing isn’t just about words. What you say reveals what is going on inside you. Using foul language, then, could indicate that you are insensitive to the feelings of others. Is that the kind of person you really are, Ismail Sabri?

You have every right to disagree with Mahathir. It’s also his right to resign from Umno too. So why come out with such a foul statement?

Of course, Mahathir is an elderly person and is in his twilight years. But he is certainly more active and sane than you, Ismail Sabri. Dr M has never cursed anyone and he doesn’t use foul lingo.

By insinuating that Mahathir is just waiting to die, did you think of the feelings of his family – his wife, children and grandchildren?

How would you feel if someone were to tell you that “may you rot in hell with 72 ugly witches” in the hereafter?

How would your wife and children feel? Think, Ismail Sabri, think! I believe you have a brain which still works.

I detest your remarks about Mahathir more when you saw it fit to say it in my home state of Sarawak. Ismail Sabri, you will never fit in my very tolerant and harmonious state.

There are Malay BN ministers in Sarawak too. While they are also supportive of PM Najib Razak, I doubt they will ever stoop so low as to throw such an ugly punch on Mahathir the way you did.

You have since attempted to wriggle your way out of your stupid action by explaining that you were merely using an analogy but it was too little too late, Of all analogies, why liken the revered Dr Mahathir to a comatose patient waiting to die? That just goes to show what is inside that pea-size brain of yours.

As a Malay myself, I have to tell you this: You have brought shame to the Malays in the country and to Islam too. Our beautiful religion has taught us never to swear or curse at anyone.

Please mind your language the next time you open your mouth.

Even as children, our parents taught us that “if you have nothing good to say about the other person, don’t say it”.

Keep that parental advice in mind. Hopefully, you will stop disgracing yourself, the Cabinet and above all, your family.
One last thing, the next time you open your mouth and feel like cursing, remember the 72 ugly witches in hell.

(DISCLAIMER: The information and views set out in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of The Ant Daily.)

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