Ismail Sabri, by ‘cursing’ Dr M, you have angered many

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Laura Wong: Saudara Zainal, your open letter to the minister, Ismail Sabri, is very well written and is reflective of most clear thinking Malaysians. When I read his ‘coma’ piece I know that there will surely be someone to take up this crude word that he had used.

Most of us will never use such words to fling at Dr M, no matter what our feelings are towards him. This minister seems to always put his foot into his mouth whenever he opens it. He is always saying that he has been misquoted and never blames himself for the foul words that he utters. I salute you for putting into words many would not.

Michel Wright: To the writer Zainal Yunos I salute you. Wish there are more Malays like you. Yes, for too long many leaders are spewing nonsense as they speak and it is time we the citizens remind them of their place, they are servants of the people.

Martini Osman: I like this article.

Sung Chuan Chuah: Right on bro Zainal! Glad to have you around too.

Sudesh Gopalan: A well written article. I’m beginning to think that Ismail Sabri has ‘ownership’ on stupidity. He ‘uses’ it well.

Thamo Tharan: I agree wth Encik Zainal Yunos. Even at times we don’t agree with Dr Mahathir but we cannot deny his contributions to the nation and at his age, he should be accorded due reverence. We should never curse anyone – all religions forbid that.

Seng Kim: Very well said and coming from a Malay too.

Terrence Sinnadurai: Today if any race should be grateful to Dr M, it should be the Malays. He has done much to uplift the Malays, in business, employment benefits, politics, industries, education, etc.

Maureen Tan: What this Ismail is doing shows very clearly the state of Umno and Tun M should stop saying that he believes in Umno. Umno is no longer relevant, their leaders are only looking after themselves. Do they care for the rakyat and country? Look how the religious body is running the country now? Now people cannot read the Quran in another language?

Mary Ann D Silver: Our federal ministers are all bunch of fools. What they do best is “howling”. What goes around will surely come around. Not even the 72 ugly witches will want him.

Benjamin Phang: This behaviour is never the Malay way. What ever happened to ‘bersopan santun’? He can claimed he was misquoted but how many times is he going to use this excuse? It is real sad that Malaysians, more so a sitting minister treat TDM with such disrespect.

Suai Ge Lin: Malaysia can be a great country with more Malay like you, Zainal Yunos. Sad to say, this kind of Muslim minister is destroying a beautiful religion called Islam. What you curse a person, it will boomerang to you.

Hope soonest, Ismail!

Guna Rethinasamy: He looks stupid, acts stupid, therefore he must be stupid. The sad part is that, there is no known cure for stupidity. He has to live with it until the time for the 72 witches.

David Law: This guy obviously is not fit to be a public figure. Most of his remarks are disturbing in context.

Anthony Chan: Unfortunately, reflective letter like this is beyond the comprehension of these warlords as their minds are only bent on evil and greed.

Kent Molee: Abang Zainal, well said about this minister.

Poologa Singam: Well written Zainal. Hope more people like you will speak up.

Siva Nair: This letter is right on target. But old pea-brain won’ be able to comprehend it.

Shirley Ho: Zainal Yunos, my respectful fellow MALAYSIAN.


Wee Kiat: The breed of ugly people have surfaced under Najib. One characterized by hate, spite and disgusting arrogant comments not to mention riots and major thefts. This country looks forward to days without them

Jason YF: Since when has this minister been smart in his comment? He think by defending his boss, he is very loyal but in fact show how stupidity rein in his blood. I will give an A for smart cursing.

David Chin: there are many more ministers in Putrajaya just like him or worse. Nowadays, I tell people here that I came from Borneo; feel so malu to be a Malaysian!

David Chang: You suck.

Benson Ong: Personal attack. Betul2 kampong standard punya menteri BN.

Deng David: He is retarded

Joseph Chieng Pang Yew: Just remove the whole lot from Putrajaya and send them to Sungai Buloh.

Felix Ng: Another stupid idiot from Umno university! Ismail, who are you compared to Dr Mahathir?

Sylvester Mike WU: You did not want to admit that you had eaten turtle eggs in Sabah the other day! I would say you do not know your job as minister! Dr M’s brain is one hundred percent sharper than you! Yours is equivalent to a ^^**!

Willie Chong: Ismail deserves the treatment he is getting here.

Kemp Rudean: These are the ministers running our country now. No wonder we are in deep sh*t.

Chin Hock Sin: Uncouth

Louis Yong: Yes, he will get the same treatment but let’s not curse him as that will make us no different from him. He will have to face Allah one day. This is the man that Sarawak has to ban. Tok Nan must be firm on this.

George Tang: This is not just the teaching of Islam. It is the teaching of ALL religions. Only uncivilized people behave the way he did. Shame on him and on the political party he belongs to!

Ng Sk Yup: Graduate of Amno U.

Syazrul Syah: The unjustified, opportunistic Low Yat 2 project is also failing. It will eventually become another handout project that will further erode the dignity of Bumis.

Joo Lim Low: No matter what, always respect the elders. Look like no Civics courses available in U of U.

Abdoul Ghaine: Any broom rides by the ugly witches with 72 angelic Exodus of Mahathirisme, the fallen one in hell with clipped wings…

Koh Teng Gee: The present cabinet ministers, once they open their mouth to say something, it reflects on their level of immaturity. That’s the price of favouring blind royalty to intellectuality. No need to look far, we should emulate Singapore in selecting good and intellectual individuals to serve as ministers. In Singapore, Ismail Sabri only fits to be a toilet cleaner based on his level of intellectuality.

Jerree Pillai: Let it be 365 ugly witches waiting for Sabri.

Jeff Khor: He believes 72 virgins are only for people like him but does he know there may not be so much virgins to go around? So I suppose for those who reach there later, get recycled ones

Hanafiah Hamid:  He’s just a turtle egg eater who refuses to admit his mistake.

Sim Tong Hui Clare: Perhaps that’s the side effect of eating too many turtle eggs!

Norajelan Maamor: He who knows not, knows not that he knows not..he’s one of them.

Yap Mou Soon: How can Malaysians tolerate this ugly guy? Shame to him!

Ong Phaik Kim: Wrong lei! Already got one living ugly witch. Hereafter, only 71 ugly witches will wait for him!

Alex Peter: Another stupid statement from him. Cabinet full of brainless people.

Steven Tan Khai: This country and its people are screwed and will always be screwed as long as it’s being led by men lesser than ourselves.

Choo Keang Wooi: Let’s be honest. It is Najib who picks such fools in his Cabinet. He is not the only one though.

Carole Loke: Someone is indeed expecting 72 beautiful virgins at the end of the it all.

Abu Bakar Ahmad: Really kurang ajar. People of his constituency should reject him out in the next elections.

L Seng Ooi: All Malaysians abhor such remarks and the entire Cabinet must be directed to refrain from making such vicious remarks

Jackie Man: He reflects who he is.

Daniel Leong: Dr Mahathir can out this turtle egg loving piece of sh*t in his pocket lah.

Adam Chow: I doubt he (IS) understands the letter.

Steward Yong: Useless minister….low educated person.

Aden Nagrace: Sounds like he is the keeper of ugly witches. I believe many fellow Malaysians would be ashamed to have a minister who possesses such ‘extraordinary’ wild imagination and level of intelligence!

These comments are in response to the article Ismail vs Dr M: May you rot in hell with 72 ugly witches published on March 3. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact

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