Rais Yatim, don’t force others to bring up your own sh*t!

by Zainal Yunos

OPEN LETTER: Dear Rais Yatim, according to a Malaysiakini report, you have said that you do not want to delve into former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s past records so as not to embarrass him.

This was what you said, as quoted by the news portal:

“I do not want to open his record because I don’t want to embarrass him. In Islam, embarrassing a brother is akin to embarrassing ourselves.

“When I was a minister under him (Mahathir), there were many things that happened but we too did not slam him.”

Oh yes, Rais, all of Malaysia has already been informed of Mahathir’s sh*t, and at regular intervals too, by cyber-troopers, purportedly under the payroll of your big boss in Putrajaya.

A few days ago, my colleague in The Ant Daily, Mariam Mokhtar, had also listed Dr Mahathir’s weaknesses as prime minister:

So many are aware of Mahathir’s failings as prime minister. I do not know what other sh*t of Mahathir you know of that we don’t.

No, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you either. As a fellow Muslim, I agree with you that in Islam, embarrassing a brother is akin to embarrassing ourselves.

But the trouble is that you have already embarrassed Mahathir by making a very negative public statement about him.

Rais, I think you are an ungrateful man too. Mahathir brought you back into his Cabinet and gave you a senior portfolio as foreign minister although you were with Umno’s Team B in 1987.

If you think you owe Najib Razak more just because he appointed you as socio-cultural adviser to the government, then I think you have a very queer balance of loyalty.

Anyway, what the heck does a socio-cultural adviser do? To tell you bluntly, you and that office of yours (with ministerial rank) are a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Najib’s Cabinet is already bloated as it is. Why do they need a socio-cultural adviser for? You know very well that the PM just wants to give you “face” by creating the post for you. If you can be honest with yourself for once, you should give up the job like a real man.

Rais, this is just a short letter to remind you that “what goes around comes around”. Since you have issued a ‘warning’ to Mahathir with your public pronouncement, let me also ‘warn’ you that you too have many skeletons in your closet – a pile of sh*t that you would surely hope others have erased from their memory.

I know most of Mahathir’s sh*t too but there is something I also know about our revered elder statesman.

Mahathir does not go wandering into the maid’s bedroom in his home when Dr Siti Hazmah is not around.

But a certain politician was alleged to have had “some problems” with his Indonesian maid nine years ago.

I believe you and I know that it was not Mahathir. – The Ant Daily

(DISCLAIMER: The information and views set out in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of The Ant Daily.)

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