‘If his wife is my daughter, I will cut off his manhood’

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Saul: Is this a vet, a dr, a lawyer, a teacher, a pharmacist, an engineer, a journalist …? Does he look like one? No! He is an animal, more like a bloated one on two legs! May god have mercy on him when his time comes. If that lady is my daughter I will do to him what Wanita DAP was avoiding – I will take away his manhood.

Muzzafar Asim: Mariam is right. This vet treats his wife worse than an animal. So he deserves an animal treatment.

KT Ting: I would do a Bobbit on him too.

Doner Emmiur: You do that to my daughter even though she is married to you, you will get a 12 gauge response, arse****!

Jeanie Yeoh: The court must put him behind bars to teach him the lesson of his life.

Sharifah Arfah: I want to slap that smirk off his face!!

Jembalang: I would not be surprised if the animals he treats suffer silently. Who will speak for these poor defenceless creatures? There are no hidden cameras to catch a vet from abusing them. Usually people who are violent to other people are cruel to animals as well.

Steven Chen: I won’t even trust my dog with him.

Jerree Pillai: Maybe his upbringing, career and inclinations has taught him that his wife is an animal. This guy needs a maximum sentence. Those who chance upon him, give him a few slaps with your slippers.

Mok Khuen: He is a sadist and a bully.

Jason Kay: Has his wife filed for divorce?

Lawrence Chia: Which court should he attend? Syariah or civil court?

Nancy Goh: This guy has no shame and is a bully as well as a bad, bad example to the children

Wendy Rodrigues: A result of some form of twisted and polluted teaching from some MCP ulamak perhaps?

Stanislaus Anthony: Do you know there are many such cases way before 2001.

Cpy Diana: The punishment isn’t adequate

Marsha Marshmallows Beh: Agree that the punishment is too lax.

Jason Kay: You should write to your MP to reform the law in this area if you feel strongly about the inadequacy of the sentence.

Quinnie Choong: He is a beast.

Helen Powers: Mad fat-so.


These comments are in response to the article The vet who treats his wife worse than an animal published on March 11. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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  1. aho says:

    If he goes to jail, the other prisoners will do to him what he did to his wife.

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