Najib, just answer truthfully, no need to hit back at Dr M

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Muzzafar Asim: So Najib has fired back at Dr Mahathir in Parliament bringing up accusations against him, like Mahazalim, Mahafiraun and so on.

While Najib has every right to take a swipe at Dr M, I don’t think it was a wise move.

What he has to do is to answer truthfully all the questions on the various scandals posed by Dr M.

If Najib does not do so, then don’t blame TDM for continuing to oppose him. What the rakyat are interested in is the truth.

Malaysians couldn’t care less about the past animosity between Dr M and Lim Kit Siang. They want to move on.

Herbert Teoh: I agree. Mahathir’s questions are also what Malaysians want to ask the prime minister. If the PM allows his many ministers to reply on his behalf, it will only make things worse. There are too many contradicting replies from several Cabinet members already.

MDon Cheang: When you have no integrity or shame, nothing will make you understand your wrongs, or bear responsibility for them.

LM Yang: For the first time, there is a Citizens’ Declaration against a sitting Malaysian prime minister. What does that tell you?

Tay Mung Hua: Unwanted PM. Tun made you PM, not the rakyat. It’s time to step down.

Tay Mung Hua: Simple Maths also don’t know. Still can be finance minister.

Mok Khuen: Too thick-skinned to understand that he’s unwanted.

Jason YF: For him, it doesn’t matter as long the minority gives him simple majority.

Soon Yew Liow: Mr PM, now we want you to step down.

See Swee Keat: They may not want him but they are scared of a future without him. Who is the next fit person to take over? Hamidi? the thought scares me…

Mason Wang Kar Wai: It’s Umno’s choice, not the people’s choice.

Mohd Razali Ibrahim: No need for Declaration. Work hard to win the general election. Parliamentary democracy is our way.

Harry Ooi: The longer you hang on, the more pain and suffering you will have to endure.

ஜெய பாஸ்கர் ஜெய்பீ : Replace him with whom ?

Jembalang: If not Najib, who else? I don’t see the Opposition getting into Putrajaya that easily.

Mikey: Jembalang, surely you are being sarcastic, right? Am sure you or anyone here can do a better job than Jibby. – The Ant Daily

These comments are in response to the article Now, even the ‘minority’ do not want Najib as PM published on March 11. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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