Hello Umno, Petronas does not belong to your grandfather!

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Ray Ong: They are treating Petronas as though it belongs to their grandfathers.

Yong LK: Ray Ong is right. Hello Umno, Petronas does not belong to your grandfather. It belongs to all Malaysians. So please be responsible when managing the people’s company. Can we expect you to do that?

Reuben Ho: Anything national is now “secret” and not to be questioned. Who owns these national assets – the people or the cronies?

Raymond Ang: We want a transparent internal 3rd party audited report.

Henry Phang: Petronas and Carigali wouldn’t go for listing in the local bourse. Why?

Roger 5201: There is no doubt Umno is a powerful party, and we all know that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. So who is the more corrupt now? Ethically, morally, politically and financially?

Philiptan Tan: Yes, Petronas, show us the accounts. We know the devil is in the details. Don’t try to fool us. How long do you intend to string us along?

Mikey: Although Petronas is a company which is owned by taxpayers, and placed under a statute, the rakyat has no access to Petronas’ accounts and has not seen any internal audit reports”. – MM.

This statement itself tells us “Who” owns Petronas. As long as BN rules M’sia, Umno will claim ownership of Petronas. Other M’sians including Malays are not “entitled” to Petronas’ $$$. It belongs to Umno and Umno only. If M’sians want to see Petronas account, kick them out.

Freedom Fighter: Having seen how our institutions had been abused, it’s now or never that we must demand our system of governance be reformed so that the people can have full or near full confidence and trust in our government. Never trust politicians, be they BN or opposition!

Zamorin: Freedom Fighter, Never trust most politicians but there are always a few good politicians anywhere in the world, some of the greatest men in the world and those who tried to be morally consistent were politicians such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela. We have our very own good ones. I would term Tok Guru, Lim Kit Siang, Khalid Samad, Mat Sabu and a few more amongst them.

Never trust other branches of government either. Apandi, Khalid Abu Bakar and other morally challenged characters aren’t even politicians.

Brandy Henderson: Zamorin, we need to reform the government, otherwise we will end up like North Korea!

Initially, the corrupt government put the blame on the Opposition for all the adverse news from Bolehland.

But then Tun M joined the band wagon and started to criticise the Bugis PM.

Later on, two of Umno’s own men, Muhyiddin and Shafie also began their criticism of 1MDB.

Still the scandalous PM did not want to back down but instead said Tun M and the two Umno leaders have been influenced by LKS and DAP?

Now we have the international community namely the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and even Switzerland are vocal on this issue.

What are you going to do, Mr PM?

Sit tight and hope that this will soon pass over just like the hurricane and everything will be back to normal?

Zamorin: I miss Mariam Mokhtar’s articles in TMI already.

Mikey: Zamorin, welcome to The Ant Daily. You will not miss MM articles and we will certainly like more contributions from like-minded people like you here. Shalom & Cheers.

Michel Wright: Show us not only the books of Petronas but also all the books of the various GLC’s. It’s time for the public to be informed of any business dealings the government has had. Why must business dealings be made “secret”? How correct the writer is.

Manohar Chand: So now when the rakyat wants to view it, they consider the rakyat second class. So all the people running the company are first class. Why has the country broken up with classes? So many classes in Malaysian society.

Mike Samaravera: That will never happen. We have been controlled by a recalcitrant in the past and now by a tyrant. Only the Opposition will reveal it if we give them the mandate.

Katherine Au: Many things are wrong with the current government but can nothing really be done?

Stanley Koh: Malaysians abhor violence. If elsewhere BN long overthrown.

Kelvin Ong: Ye, the rakyat would like to view it

Mike Raj: If he opens the mouth, OSA waiting for Tun.

Lee Huat Yeo: An eye for an eye.

Madyalagan Palani: U trust accounts on paper?

Lee Kimtwo: What do u expect from a Bumi company? Holes everywhere! – The Ant Daily

These comments are in response to the article After Mahathir’s sacking, show us Petronas’ audit report published on March 16. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact

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