Maybe, Malaysia is not a place for the Chinese to bloom

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Saul: In my humble opinion, the Chinese in Malaysia are just plain stupid and getting more stupid by the day.

I humbly believe the reason is the environment. You see, everything in Malaysia is against the normally “superior” Chinese genetic makeup as attested to by researchers throughout the West.

Somehow in Malaysia, they are not allowed to bloom, more accurately, prevented from blooming. Firstly the air they breathe does not smell right, it’s hot, it’s polluted by constant foul air from wrong openings from angry animals and it just lacks a certain fragrance that makes food smells good.

Secondly the vision of some cockeyed people seem to misread everything they see when a Chinese sounding name appears. This condition, I believe, is called Dyslexia and is particularly rampant among the retarded in some departments.

Thirdly, I believe is the prevalence of dislike of certain sections of the population for porcine DNA. With a decrease of this particular catalyst to the Chinese, their inherited genetic makeup cannot reach its full potential.

This intellectual inhibition by these few factors can only be solved by translocation to places where there is fresh air, good edible food and of course in places where there are fewer retarded dyslexic people in the “education ministries”.

My deepest sympathies to all the affected ones. My advice is to get out before the brain is permanently and artificially suppressed. The intellectually gifted by god has to seek its own strata of people in progressive societies to flower and fruit. Malaysia is not such a place.

Ah Beng: The most probable reason is that they do not want to have too many non-Malay students having straight A’s!

Erica Lim: Clue…No straight A’s, no scholarship. How is it that certain “special” schools, the whole school (everybody in the school) can get straight A in every subjects. But not the Chinese schools even though some of the students get perfect As in all other subjects, even BM. Smells fishy…

Roger 5201: A valid question, but one that has been around for decades frustrating Chinese schools nationwide whilst our sleeping 7-11 champion was trying to “change the system behind closed doors from inside”.

Goh Sook Keen: I was one of those who got all As in SPM, but Chinese paper B3. And I got A2 in trials for my Chinese. Because of that one B, I was rejected by JPA, Petronas, etc.

Every appeal for scholarships came to no avail. I was told the same reason -sorry, your results is not straight A1s. Can you imagine what mental torture I went through after SPM?

And all my juniors who came asking for my advice on how to ace SPM etc…I told them to go for Chinese language classes but not take up SPM Chinese paper. It felt like the worst decision I had made in life at that point is to take up Chinese SPM. That was 13 years ago but still nothing has been done on the unrealistic ‘difficulty’ to score an A in SPM Chinese paper.

BlueOcean: Lowering the standard of the examination is one possible solution. Nothing unusual as they have done this to BM paper years ago.

Guan Chai Koh: The Chinese educationists want students who don’t take the Chinese papers in SPM to leave the Chinese secondary schools. The students have valid reasons for not taking Chinese papers. Scholarships are given only to straight A students. You do 9 subjects and get straight As and you get a scholarship. You add Chinese and do 10 subjects and you don’t get A for Chinese but As in the other 9, you lose out to another student who doe s only 9 subjects and gets all As. So to all those Chinese educationists, please see the problems faced by Chinese students. Throw them out and the losers are not them alone.

Tc Ling: It is hard to say without conclusive evidence but my gut feeling is that they are trying to kill off the learning of Chinese language.

And if that is true, that is another reason why the Chinese should not vote for BN because they are trying to undermine our identity.

An Chee: We should ask those responsible for preparing the questions and marking the paper to answer.

Guan Chai Koh: It is my belief that Umno actually wants the vernacular schools to continue as they become one of their political bargaining capitals. It is a fact that Umno’s policies actually have helped Chinese education.

Why do 90% of Chinese parents send their children to Chinese primary school? The 90% include the Baba community as well as the Kelantan and Trengganu Peranakan. These communities hardly speak Mandarin. If the impossible really happens and Umno gets thrown out of Putrajaya and a really accommodating government takes over and start appreciating the Chinese community more as citizens, Chinese education in Malaysia will follow that of Singapore – buried.

Gary Lee: Ability to read, write and speak in Chinese is adequate.

Vincent Hue: Systematic effort to undermine the subject and thus ensuring its demise in the education system?

Ananda Chong: Agree with you without doubt.

Eric Siah: Answer as hard as Einstein’s theory, milky way and black hole ?

Thomas Lee: So that you cannot score all As and loose out

Mike Samaravera: Ask the MCA. The answer is there.

Alex Tan: Quota again?

Harry Ooi: We all know what is happening.

These comments are in response to the article Why so difficult to score an A in SPM Chinese paper? published on March 16. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact

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