When a man hits a woman, he is no longer a man

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Nofaham: Why the violence? Are we animals? There is a saying “A man who lifts up his hands to hit a woman is no more a man”. And by the way, why do we need to have submissive wives? Are men so useless that they have to force their wives to be submissive? That they have to force their women to respect them?

Mahesh Munchies: Violence against a woman who has just returned from confinement is just pathetic and animalistic. And now they are justifying child marriages so pedophiles can commit sins within the rule of law. They definitely are not talking about same age group. Imagine these innocent children at the hands of these animals. I dread to think of the future of Muslim children.

Single dad: We dont know why, who or what started the beating. Perhaps the man has anger issues? Or maybe he found out the baby wasn’t his? Nobody knows. There are probably many reasons for that man to hit her but he just shouldn’t have.

And the same goes for all the cases mentioned in the article. There’s no such thing as ‘no reason to hit a woman’. There probably are but you just don’t do it. If you say there is no reason, basically you kill any sort of explanation as to how those two people arrived at that point.

But I’ll say it again, men shouldn’t hit women (and women shouldn’t hit men too). We should not only ask what the man did but also about the woman. Just like when firemen put out a fire, they don’t just drive away afterwards, they sift through the debris to find the cause.

Chris Ng: Wow – whatever she had done – no one deserves to be beaten like this.

Mikey: Title:- “Drama Minggu Ini”. How to enter paradise by controlling your wife.

Tony Then: Muslim wives must unite. In such cases, they should deny sex to their husbands and you can see them crawling to you.

Ling Kwong Wong: Speechless. Yet there are some here trying to condemn Mariam for the article and defending another.

Aaron Ting: Fact – there are more Malay women than men in our public universities.

TY Fook: Someone is definitely not going to heaven.

Steven Sin: A case of extreme chauvinism.

Soon Yew Liow: Someone has wrong ideology!


These comments are in response to the article Where are the protectors of women, when you need them? published on April 7. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.

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