Ministers talk nonsense when defending their big boss


YOURSAY | ‘When you sign a document, it means you endorse it, and you are responsible for it.’

Minister: Normal for Najib to sign off 1MDB documents

Kim Quek: In answer to Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz’s dishonest attempt to exonerate PM Najib Razak over documents signed by the latter, I would invite him to read Sarawak Report’s article dated April 10 ‘Signatures that don’t lie – How Najib personally ran 1MDB’.

Displayed wherein are copies of such vital resolutions signed by Najib as sole shareholder of 1MDB that they are sufficient to crucify him as the main culprit of the 1MDB grand scam.

These resolutions have shown that Najib has been the decision-maker on all the major allegedly fraudulent moves that have caused 1MDB to have incurred a total loss of no less than RM40 billion. These include the conversion of equity in the bogus PetroSaudi joint venture to Murabaha loan and the so-called “US$2.23 billion investment” in Cayman Islands that has remained a mystery.

These scams were allegedly masterminded and brought to fruition by co-conspirator Jho Low and executed through CEO Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, while the board of directors were reduced to stooges, with the Ministry of Finance officials completely kept out of the picture.

Anonymous_1375151044: Nazri, when you sign a document, it means you endorse it, you accept it and you are responsible for it. Which also means you are liable for it.

Can anyone be so stupid as to suggest that you cannot be responsible for what you sign? So why ask for signature in the first place?

Odin Tajué: You do not have to micro-manage an operation to be considered involved in it. You do not expect Najib to decide which tea lady serves what to whom, where and when.

Even if you only need to give your approval either orally or in writing such as by affixing your signature on any document related to the operation, you are involved. I thought we have here a trained lawyer?

Anonymous_1375701728: Nazri, if the PM is a very busy man, why is he holding so many portfolios? If he cannot micro-manage then he should quit.

I still remember my late father saying do not sign any document without reading the content. That is basic, although at times we do overlook the small prints.

Stop giving excuses for Najib. He should be held accountable for everything that has happened at 1MDB.

Anonymous 2305141436452229: Just because you’re too busy to check the content of the documents you’re signing doesn’t absolve you of responsibility.

Even if you signed it wrongly, you’ve got to take responsibility. Additionally, it’s stupid that you would sign a document without having a briefing with your CEO where red flags can be detected.

Either way, the same argument stands that Najib is either incompetent or corrupt, both of which means he should step down.

Alicescat: “Article 117 of 1MDB’s memorandum and articles of association (M&A) requires the prime minister to approve major decisions, including financial transactions.”

This would imply substantial financial transactions. Hence, it would be prudent for the PM to read these documents before he signs them. No?

I am no fan of former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad but I recall reading somewhere that he read all his documents before signing anything off.

GE14Now!: Are you saying that there is a lot of blind signing going on in this inept government? Have you forgotten how RM100 million was lost in the Youth and Sports Ministry?

This is not about micro-managing but about competent and responsible management. And since when has signing off on US$1 billion and other huge sums be termed ‘micro-managing’?

But I forget, this is yet another example of the ministers trying to outdo one another in demonstrating how inept they are. Anyway, you also need to remember, Mr Tourism Minister, the person who signs it is responsible for what is signed.

If people can be hauled into jail for drawing a caricature of the PM, then surely the PM should be thrown into the same jail for making a clown out of this country and for losing so much money.

Appum: How in the world can Umno ministers dare to tell the rakyat they just sign documents without caring to know what it is all about, without taking responsibility for their mistakes, without even asking their chief executives what they are signing into.

No wonder our nation flip-flops all the time. Are these ministers, including the PM, warming their seats, getting ‘buta gaji’ and perks, enjoying their positions of power but not bothered to care what they are signing and getting the country into?

Do we see incompetency here or negligence of duties?

Pat88: In that case, why not make a stamp with Najib’s signature and let the office boy approve the 1MDB documents on his behalf?


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